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20 Reasons Why You need to see Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

If you haven’t seen the Avengers or do not plan on seeing the second Avengers flick out, first of all: shame on you. If that wasn’t enough to sway you, then here are 20 reasons why you must drop EVERYTHING AND GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!

1.     It’s amazing

2.     Black Widow kicks ass in style

3.     Your boyfriend will be likely to love you even more

4.     It’s a great excuse to avoid studying for finals/last minute assignments

5.     You get to watch a bunch of sexy men fighting crime

6.     You get to eat junk food… because you can’t go to the movies without getting snacks

7.     You will become a fan

8.     After becoming a fan you will have to use more study time binging all the movies prior to this one so you’re caught up when you go see it again

9. You’ll finally get all the pop culture references to the franchise

10. And have a reason to attend Comicon in California

11. It will give you an excuse to get some super-cute Avengers propaganda clothing

12. You’ll find a wide personality range of fans in which to bond with

13. The special effects are spectacular

14. Those post-credit scenes will leave you feeling excited but EXTREMELY frustrated because you have to wait for the next movie

15. And have I mentioned Black Widow kicks ass?

16. You’ll find yourself feeling far more emotions than you expected

17. The real struggle is trying to decide which superhero is your favorite (which is a good problem to find yourself in)

18. The cinematography and acting are excellent, and sexy of course.

19. You’ll realize that it is never too late to join the fandom

20. And proceed to get the rest of your friends on board 

You’re welcome. 

As a Disney, dog, and superhero enthusiast I live for the outdoors (particularly my homeland foothills) and the unreal where adventures and the ridiculous are quite obtainable and/or practical.
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