15 YouTube Videos to Watch Instead of Studying for Finals

It's that time of year again: that two week period of confusion and stress where we're forced into classrooms between Thanksgiving and Winter break. Finals are approaching, papers are due and you're scrambling for that last minute point boost to up your grade. We get it. It's time for a distraction. Please allow us to help you out on your journey to procrastination and self-loathing with a compilation of really stupid and really old YouTube videos to get you started on your downward spiral.


During which Harvard Sailing Team perfectly exemplifies who we are as a nation.

During which Anna Kendrick is all of us during our first internship.

During which we find a thesis idea for our final paper.

During which we realize Zefron should have starred in Disney's Frozen.

During which we learn a new song to add to our Christmas carol list.

During which a dog is all of us when our moms take too long in the grocery store on break.

During which an ad sums up what sort of parent you'll be in the future.

During which you've never been more jealous of a dog.

During which an octopus makes a new friend and you haven't cried this hard since Titanic.

During which you discover your future career once you fail all these finals.

During which we finally learn what cats are really thinking about us.

During which we've never felt so happy in our lives.

During which we learn about the radius of a log and the valuable lesson of persistence in the face of challenges.

During which the Devil wins this Easter Sunday.

During which we are so desperate to be distracted from how weird and creepy this is that we finally go back to studying.