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*Disclaimer: The following article may trigger you. This was created for the sake of entertainment based on stereotypes in harmless fun.

Everyday on a college campus I have an opportunity to meet some interesting people from all walks of life. The opportunity to engage with people from a plethora of majors. Today, we are going to take a look into twelve common majors but add a little twist. For each major, I am going to assign a gif that I feel fitting. Without further ado, let us begin!




I figured since I was going to take a shot or twelve at different majors, why not start with my very own. You better believe that we are out here representing the grammar police in the only way we really know how. Like common people, there is a distinctive difference between your and you’re!


2. Political Science


Political Science. One of the most proud majors of all time. I get it dude, you have a strong opinion on why the United States funding of Highway Equinox according to Citation B3 under the involvement of line 44 in the 23rd amendment is so crucial. Luckily for me, I simply do not care.


3. Psychology


Me: *Calls my friend Lisa*

Lisa: “Hello?”

Me: “Lisa I am so mad at th….”

Lisa: “Seems like you are struggling with a wild case of chronic depression, but it could also be some crazy case of anxiety. Let me take a look at my psychology book real quick, I remember reading something on Piaget’s theory on..”

Me: Lisa, I haven’t even told you why I am mad yet.”


4. Health and Nutrition/Exercise Science


Nothing kills the vibe more than when you are chilling in the dining hall about ready to go grab that chocolate chip cookie, when your eyes lock onto one of these guys. The stare doesn’t break until you move at least five feet away, as they then scurry off with their chicken salad, and I am left cookieless.


5. Business


I swear you cannot go ten feet down Jayhawk Boulevard without running into a business major. Be weary, if you make eye contact, they will follow you until they give you their fifteen minute lesson on why you should or should not invest in cryptocurrency.


6. Any Medical Major (Nurses, Doctors, Surgeons)


Oh, good ole’  medical majors. The first people you consult before you actually make a doctors appointment for that really weird rash, or undescribable bump on your elbow. They are the first to make sure you are fully aware that the bronchitis you have is life threatening and you have a fifty percent chance of dying.


7. The Arts (Music, Dance, Art, Theatre)


I’m not going to act like we can’t agree, but if you are someone from this major I totally support. It is not easy putting your name out there in the public eye. Yet, since I have had some shade to throw at the rest of the majors, there is no exception for you guys even though I am a big fan. In the dining hall your group seems to be the loudest. By the end of my meal, I am fully aware of all the different musical tempos.

8. The Science Majors (Biology, Chemistry, etc.)


Alright let’s face it, you know more about Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection, and the periodic table way more than I ever will. Yet, that is not all that matters at life. I would honestly pay some big dollars to watch a couple of you scientists explain global warming or why Kansas weather is bipolar.


9. Mathematical Majors (Engineering, Architecture, etc.)


Store Clerk: Your total is going to be $15.93.

Me: *Hands $20 dollar bill*

Me: “Hang on I have 93 cents.

Me: *Unzips coin pouch*

Math major behind me: *peeks into pouch over my shoulder*

Math major: “Three quarters, one dime, one nickel, and three pennies, honey.”


10. Computer Science


Props to you dudes in this major. You are the first person I run to when my computer is taking too long to shutdown or turn one. With a smack of a few buttons, my computer is fixed, and you can stare at me like I was born yesturday or something. Sorry I am not “tech savvy”.


11. Education


Education majors are scattered all over campuses across the world. They do not shy away from telling about their future calling in life about how they want to be a 3rd grade teacher, or how they plan on making your future kids miserable, all while making an annual salary of dirt. Like seriously though, teachers deserve more money.


12. Partiers


I know what you’re thinking, this is not a major. Well, news flash, it is now! It is the major of the future. Partiers are the type of people that you approach with your desperate plans, and they’ll whip out the list of social events for you to choose from, any night of the week. Even Tuesday!

Overall, we love all majors, and this isn’t to be taken seriously. Midterms (and school in general) can be beyond stressful, and we could all use the extra laughter. Our generation makes up for the future of the world, and every major will help achieve this.


Madeleine is a senior at the University of Kansas double majoring in Creative Writing and Journalism. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Madeleine spent the last few years of her high school career publishing two books (http://www.lulu.com/shop/m-rheinheimer/project-105/paperback/product-23264977.html + http://www.lulu.com/shop/madeleine-rheinheimer/undefined/paperback/product-22938535.html)  and traveling around the city speaking and sharing with locals. Knowing since the fourth grade that she was destined to be a writer when she grew up, Madeleine enjoys anything that involves creative expression. You can follow her personal blog at: https://illiterateblondes.com 
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