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10 Ways To Wrap Your Valentine’s Day Gift

Girls, it’s that time of the year again: Valentine’s Day is coming up. So, you got him a gift and wrote a sweet letter. Now it’s time to go out and get some wrapping papers. But wait! Didn’t you use the same wrapping paper last Valentine’s Day? Or you are too lazy to wrap up your gifts? Wrapping gifts can show how much time you put into you gift.  If you want to be crafty for this Valentine’s Day and need some inspirations, try these creative and fun gift ideas to impress him!

  1. Ombre wrapping

Wrapping paper is a usual way to jazz up your gift. If you want to stick with the classic, try making ombre paper with spray paint! You only need three spray paints that are in different shade of the same color. Red or pink would be great but if your loved one has a favorite color, stick with that color!

  1. Cupid’s Arrow

Want to be a lovely cupid this year? Get out your scissors now! Cutting out crepe paper and layering them around the box make your gift look so much better. Make an arrow out of paper and stick it on the end of the heart piñata box. It’s such a great way to hand your gift to your loved one. Handing him a heart box with an arrow going through? So sweet!

  1. Paper Doily Envelope

If you are someone who loves writing letters, why not make a paper doily envelope? All you have to do is go to a nearby craft store and get large paper doilies. Wrap your letter with it, and voilà! You’re good to go.

  1. Writing a letter on wrapping paper

Have you ever thought about writing a letter on a wrapping paper? With some craft paper and a white paint pen, you can not only write him a sweet letter but make your gift fancier. You don’t have to write a letter, but you can always write something about Valentine’s Day and love. Just make sure your love doesn’t rip it open too quickly!

  1. Eraser Heart Stamp

Everybody has a no.2 pencil on their desk, right?  Try making a tiny heart-shaped stamp with the eraser on the end of your pencil. Stamp away with your eraser stamp on a solid color wrapping paper. It will look like heart snowflakes are falling down from the sky!

  1. Heart Cutout

You want to show your love to him this Valentine ’s Day. Give him a little hint with your gift wrapping skills! Cut out half of the heart on your wrapping paper and glue a small piece of red glitter paper underneath. Peek-a-boo your heart to him in a creative way!

  1. Word Search

Want to send him a little secret message with your gift? You can get a word search wrapping paper online but if you are in a hurry, you can always make one yourself. There is an online puzzle maker where you can decide the size of the word search puzzle, and even put in words you want to your loved one to find. You can even be nice to him and circle the words for him just in case he doesn’t figure it out.

  1. Fun with Fonts

If you are looking for a simple way to wrap your present, try writing his name on the wrapping paper. Cut out his name with colorful paper and just glue them. It might sound too easy, but it takes time and looks great.

  1. Mason Jar

Tired of wrapping papers and gift boxes? It seems like mason jars are really in this year. Fill it up with some cookies, candies, chocolates, or brownies you baked and wrap it around with ribbons. It is really easy to make it your own by painting or decorating the jar.

  1. Pixel Weave

If you are looking for warm and cozy but clean design, use yarns or threads lying around the house. Weave two different colors yarns to create a zigzag pattern. If you don’t have yarn, you can use construction paper and cut out strips to do the same thing.

Are you inspired for this Valentine’s Day gift wrapping? Try some of these crafty ways to impressive him this year and also have some fun doing it! What are some ways that you like to decorate your gifts? Let us know in the comments!

 Minseon Sunny Kim is a sophmore at the University of Kansas majoring in Strategic Communication and Finance. She is interested in fashion, graphic design, technology, and social media. She would love to work for an advertising agency or fashion magazine one day.
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