10 Thoughts We All Have At Frat Parties

No matter how many frat parties I go to, I always end up thinking the exact same things. Will I ever learn? Probably not.

1. "I'm too sober for this."


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No amount of pregaming will ever prepare you.


2. "Where's the bar?"

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The most important question of the night.


3. "Why is the floor sticky?"

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Immediately followed by "Oh my god, what is on my shoes, please don't be puke."


4. "Ooooh let's play pong!"


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No one is ever good at pong, but you'll talk big anyway.


5. "When was the last time they cleaned this bathroom?"


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The answer is probably never.


6. "Let's steal something!"



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A composite, a paddle, clothes out of someone's room, whatever you can get your hands on.


7. "Where did (insert friend's name here) go?"


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Always have your Find My Friends on, y'all.


8. "Is that guy I've been flirting with cute, or am I just drunk?"


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I think he's cute. Do you think he's cute? He's cute. Definitely cute.


9. "Oh god, I don't wanna be like that girl."

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My friends would never let me do that, right?


10. "F it."

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You only have four years of college, and it wouldn't be the same without a few wild nights.