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Disney Channel & Nickelodeon were my entire world when I was growing up (as I’m sure many of us can relate), and I am positive I owe a good chunk of my personality to the following girl boss characters that shaped me into the *hopefully* girl boss, I too, aspire to become. 

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All of these characters, whether actresses or cartoon characters, inspired me to do good & not feel hypocritical for looking good doing it. You CAN wear pink AND fight the patriarchy. 


Though this is a range of light-hearted and comedic characters, at the heart of it there was something so inspirational to me about these characters being able to enjoy fashion, pink, but also love to fight crime, study hard, perform on stage, flourish in their careers, relationships, and simply be able to be so many things at once. Not JUST the smart girl, the pretty girl, the funny girl, etc. 

These characters limiting themselves?

These characters prove you can be everything and every woman. There is absolutely no limit. 

So, please enjoy a Deema Channel Original Recap (hehe;) of my favorite girl boss characters that explain a lot of why I am the way I am.


1. Alex Russo 

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Let’s begin with literally my favorite. Sitcom. Character. Of. ALL. Time. 

What I loved most about ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ was that Justin fit the studious, people pleaser, type A personality, stereotype that a girl is typically cast to play. However, Alex was not afraid to upset everyone, because she only wanted to please herself. She made a LOT of mistakes doing it, but she was artistic, hilarious, romantic, independent, and magical *pun very intended*.


2. Hannah Montana

Miley Stewart is the definition of “Get you a girl that can do both.” Need I say more?

A teenager in high school, dealing with schoolwork, boys, and all of her “Miley issues” by day, to putting on a killer performance as Hannah and inspiring millions every night. 

Anyone can get a wig, but not just anyone can do what Miley did. 

She could have easily made high school “easier” for herself with Hannah’s clout & popularity, but she valued being able to enjoy her day-to-day life as a teenage girl as normally and privately as possible with her family and friends. 

Miley did make her fair share of mistakes and took them as lessons, but she always found her way back home. 


3. Powerpuff Girls

I truly have Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup to thank for instilling the value of being able to be “sugar, spice, and everything nice”, but also being able to literally save the world. 

Their adorableness often had them underestimated, and I loved watching the girls kick ass, being anything but what their critics would have expected. 

The three had such strong and different personalities, as any young girl should. 

Despite inevitable sister bickering, the three always came together to fight for the greater good, no questions asked. 



4. Maddie (Suite Life of Zack & Cody)

Maddie. Fitzpatrick. 

 I am going to make this one short & sweet, because there was nothing to question about Maddie’s hustle. 

Working at the hotel, babysitting the boys, complying to London’s absurd requests (but still dealing with her ego, and believing in her goodness & capability deep *deep* down), attending Catholic school, and breaking the stereotype of dumb blondes? 

get in loser mean girls
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Case closed on this one. 


5. Michelle Tanner 

Michelle Tanner is encouraged to be her young, confident, and sassy self in a household of the three men in her life uplifting & raising her? Pretty undeniable girl boss energy right there. 

The true definition of a team player, she taught me to give my endless support and love to my friends & family even if I’m small & inexperienced in the grand scheme of things because a little encouragement goes a long way. 

She’s got it, dude.   


6. True Jackson VP

Okay, I LOVED this show and believe it and its leading lady, Keke Palmer, are SO underrated. The ORIGINAL woman in charge, becoming the VP of her favorite fashion company, and being so kind to everyone at her office while exercising her power and being confident in her firsthand experience in creating fashion for her fellow teens? Exceptional. 

True was so beautiful, talented, a FASHION ICON and so underrated. 

I truly thank her for all my businesswoman dreams. 



I hear Drake & Josh yelling MEGAN’S name everytime I type it out in all caps.

 I know what you might be thinking. So, Megan did kind of (*she did*) ruin lives, but please tell me that her scheming abilities, hidden cameras, and elaborate pranks were not ingenious. 

Though her intentions were evil, she never failed to get what she wanted and carry out a plan. 

I must respect her for this reason immensely. Those evil plan blueprints do not happen overnight, ladies. 

This young girl’s MIND gave her EVERY right to call her brothers “boobs”. 


8. Raven- That’s So Raven

If I could look into the future, I do NOT think life would be a *breeeeze*, because I would be so anxious and overwhelmed every second of the day, considering every hypothetical that will lead me there.

However, Miss Raven Baxter, true Disney royalty, never failed to keep things interesting, heartfelt, and genuine in finding herself mistaken by how her visions may have misled her to perceive the present. Her loyalty to her friends, family, and standing up for herself & others when discriminated against? Her true superpower. 

Her fashion career? True would approve as well. 


9. Princess Rosalia 

Besides maybe High School Musical 2, Princess Protection Program is probably the Disney Channel Original movie I’ve watched MOST. 

Demi Lovato’s character, though naive, held such strength in her character development doing anything to represent her country, mother, and people. Despite all of her intense personal issues, and being immersed into a new lifestyle and culture she knew nothing about, she made an effort to treat everyone with kindness, love, and positivity- making her the modern day princess I will always aspire to be an ounce of. 


10. Rachel Green

Okay, I  didn’t *technically* watch Friends until quite recently, however, Rachel does deserve this final shoutout. 

From the pilot episode to the series finale, Rachel’s character development & growth is admirable. She had what society convinces most women they need : the man, the money, the house -why wouldn’t she want to marry a wealthy man and be a housewife? 

Because she didn’t love him and she didn’t settle. 

Her life could have been so “easy”, but at the price of it being so unfulfilling. For that very reason Rachel is the perfect representation of a woman rejecting everything society has told her about what happiness is,  because she had it all and wasn’t happy. 

She grew and risked it all to create her own happiness in her relationships and friendships, and worked her way up to the career of her dreams because she never settled for less than her worth. She made the effort to learn and grow.

All of these women graced my television screen *and thankfully now several streamings services* and completely rejected the notion that a woman can only be one “thing”, proving there is no limit to who a woman can become, and no one is to convince her otherwise. 

None of these characters backed down from what they wanted, because they knew they had everything within them alongside the support of their loved ones to achieve it.

Each of them empowered me to never settle for anything less than the best and become everything I want, and for that I am so very thankful I grew up watching them everyday after school. :,)

Hi, I'm Deema! I'm a senior at the University of Kansas majoring in Marketing with a minor in Psychology! I enjoy all things fashion, makeup, mental health, and music related -especially my queen, @arianagrande.