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Why You Should Start Scheduling Your Way Through Life

A few months ago, I came across a video on YouTube titled “1 Billion Dollar Morning Routine” which apparently described the habits of the world’s most successful people. I could not help but roll my eyes at this video which tried to make it seem like everyone could become a billionaire by simply waking up at 5 in the morning. But what I did notice was a routine- the person in the video followed a basic schedule that helped them power through the day.

After watching countless influencers follow this routine, I decided that I had to try scheduling. I initially created rough lists of my activities throughout the day. My usual schedule would include a college assignment(ugh), internship work, and working out. While this was something I’d do anyways without a schedule, the act of writing them down suddenly created a desire in me to complete them. The joy of crossing out a task from my schedule was immaculate lol.

I know that scheduling can seem useless at first. I mean, why take the time to jot down a plan when you know you’d never accomplish it? Well, scheduling is not only about what you want to do. It is also about what you can do within the time you have. An ideal schedule would be one where there is a mixture of these two.

Scheduling adds structure to your chaotic life. In my experience, creating small but effective lists where I allotted specific times for my academic and personal goals for the day helped me achieve most of my targets as compared to when I did not create schedules.

Of course, what might work for me might not work out for you. I prefer to create time-specific schedules as they work the best for me. You can most definitely create a general schedule if it suits you. The point is: personalize it. Make it as per your needs. Whether you want to become a billionaire or just simply want to complete your assignments on time, schedule your way through life so that it is a little less chaotic!

I'm an undergraduate student at Krea University, majoring in Economics. I love writing in my free time, listening to music, watching Tv-shows, and love to procrastinate my way through life.
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