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You open Instagram, and Olivia Rodrigo and Billie Eilish pop up. You’re surfing through Netflix and catch a glimpse of Millie Bobby Brown. What they have in common is that they are teenagers. The other thing is that they’re young and rich. 

I’m not complaining about it, neither am I jealous. Well, maybe a little bit, but that’s human. I’m more concerned about the thought that I am sure most of you have had at least once: when you turn 16 or 18 you begin feeling the impending doom of adulthood, which begins with ‘I should start earning somehow now’. With the exposure of knowing more teenagers and children “making it big” in the early stages of their life, this trivial and maturing thought can grow into a tumour of pressure and negativity, ultimately leading to helplessness and low self-esteem. 

Wait, how can you make such a big leap of thought! This is ludicrous (a word I thought was an anagram of ridiculous but it isn’t).

Teenage is the age period of exploration and rebellion against all the social norms instilled in us. It is a time when one sits and moulds their sculpture. This new trend of striving to be rich as early as possible constructs walls early on in the maze of life. How many times have you decided not to pursue something because it wasn’t going to be of monetary value? This goes for hobbies, internships and other novice jobs too. Internships are meant to provide experience and learning, but how many times have we rethought them because they did not provide any colourful notes in return?  That does not mean wanting to earn money at a young age is wrong, but feeling downcast and heavy just to catch up to the world or flex is not entirely healthy. 

The pressure of getting rich young is an invisible force. It is that dark matter which pervades in the silence when talking with friends, family and relatives about internships and careers. The filter at the back of the mind when scrolling through Instagram and Twitter and seeing other successful youth. It is the dark corners of the room at night which grow into our minds before we sleep. If you are reading this and have ever felt these thoughts, then I hope the moonlight soothes your mind. I hope you enjoy the small joys in life and live the teenage and youth to your best, without feeling this pressure, and maybe hit a stroke of luck and start earning while you sculpt your models. Of course, that is to earn love, respect, and wisdom.


Meet Kathan: A student at Krea who strives to be a speed bump on the road to doom that our world has embarked upon. She embraces the space-time continuum with some laughter, overthinking and analysis :)
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