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Around the age of 15 is when most of us have our first identity crises. We’re no longer children who need to be incubated, and neither are we capable of functioning as adults. It is important to recognize this stress and convert it to eustress, which is psychological lingo for ‘positive stress’. Once we achieve this, not only will we feel better emotionally, but we’ll be able to kickstart the process of adulting smoothly.

One of the major milestones an adult strives to accomplish is that of financial independence. But I’m here to tell you that you needn’t wait till your 20’s to begin! The International Labour Organisation No.138 has established 15 years as the minimum age for work, so long as the “circumstances in which it is carried out is not likely to jeopardise health, safety or morals.” There you go, your license to make a little money before you’re out of high school! This article would be incomplete if I didn’t mention some personal anecdotes which hopefully suggest some viable options for you:


This one’s pretty straightforward – start a small catering business! This is really fun to do and it allows you to involve your friends too. You could make whatever you’re comfortable with- baked goodies, finger sandwiches, you name it. Your service needn’t be limited to food; you can offer to dog-sit, house-sit, wash cars, tutor, etc. You will require a little seed money to get started, but just a little will do; you’ll be whipping cream by the dozen after!


The internet is filled with licenses for various skills that you can acquire with less than 24 hours of work. Learn a skill, get yourself licensed and begin training! The initial amount you pay to acquire the license to train might be a little expensive but trust me, the profit from the first few months will cover it. Fitness training is a great option that one can consider as it also ensures that you stay fit and healthy – something a lot of us lose out on because of our rigorous commitments as students.


Offer your time at retail stores. Find a clothing store that you love or a patisserie you’re always hanging out at anyway. The idea is to choose somewhere where you will fit in well and be able to talk about the product passionately – which is usually what makes or breaks a great salesperson!

Once you’ve started working, don’t forget that making money is not your utmost priority. You still have responsibilities as a student that cannot be foregone. Enjoy your earnings wisely. Sure, now you can spend double the amount on merchandise and sundaes, but try to save 30% of whatever you make; this will come in handy in the future, when more merchandise comes out!

hello, I'm kp, a first year at Krea University. I'm what they call a dog person. I endorse hugs, political debate and Nietzsche and I strongly believe that if more people read 'Thus Spoke Zarathustra', the world be a little nicer to live in.
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