7 Blast From The Past Trends That Are Coming Back!

We all know how iconic the fashion trends from the 60s up to the 90s were. From crazy prints and flared jeans to scrunchies and everything cool - they had it all. Here is a comprehensive list of trends that are coming back with a bang! I have been loving these trends and know that you will too! 

  1. 1. Scrunchies 

    Scrunchies placed near a watch on a book

    Find them in satin, cotton, linen or any other fabric you like. Colours? You’ll find them in every single one! Prints? They’re in abundance. Embroidery? You can’t even imagine. Small businesses in every corner of the world are making these soft, fluffy, crinkled pieces of gorgeous fabric. Wear them on your hand or on a ponytail, or even better - try a funky double ponytail for the ultimate 80s look. 

  2. 2. Mini Skirts

    Woman wearing a plaid skirt and a white shirt

    Be it hip hugging or pleated tennis skirts - they are back in trend! Tartan plaids are trending and it’s the perfect opportunity to ace the Cher from Clueless look! Pair them with ribbed, collared, cropped polos or a camisole. Pastel skirts are another essential in your 2021 wardrobe; experimenting with cute colour combinations are a great way to keep your wardrobe trendy. And of course, you can never go wrong with neutrals. 

  3. 3. Scarves:

    A woman wearing pink pants, a white blazer, and a printed scarf

    This 60s trend keeps it classy but also gives you an opportunity to play around with some fun accessories to match your style. Silk scarves were in style till the end of the 60s, but if you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, I recommend satin (thrifted, of course!). Wrap them around your neck, tie them above your head, or emulate a cravate using a daywear printed shirt. 


  4. 4. Crop tops 

    Woman wearing a green top with blue jeans

    While crop tops were invented by bodybuilders looking for easy access around the gym, they took on a whole other meaning when people started styling them with their high and low rise jeans, skirts, shorts and so much more to get that perfect summer look. The crop top trend gained massive popularity in the 70s, and we haven't stopped since! Rouched, puff sleeved, cupped crop tops are all the rage, and I cannot complain! Go for dainty prints or go bold - you can’t go wrong with a crop top! 

  5. 5. Sleek sunglasses:  

    Woman wearing black and red sunglasses against a pink background

    A staple in the 50s and the 90s were sleek, thin sunglasses frames. You’d find them in retro outfits or the chic 90s fashion. They came back to slay last year, and boy oh boy do I enjoy this trend! Pair them with any outfit to get the perfect chic Cruella De Vil look. Trust me, you’ll be turning heads! 

  6. 6. Bell bottoms:  

    We’ve all seen that post on Instagram - the leg popping in a pair of bell bottom jeans. I don’t think you’ll find a better pair of jeans to compliment almost every top you can wear. Yes, even your high rise skinny jeans cannot beat these pants! I hopped on the trend immediately and I’m so glad I did. A thrifted pair of bell bottoms are now a staple in every outfit I plan. You simply cannot go wrong with this trend from the 60s and 70s. 

  7. 7. Permed and blown out 80s hair:  

    black curly hair from above

    The 80s had crazy hair! - we’ve all heard this before. But now, we’re seeing it! Gen Z is hopping on this trend and I’m here for it. You can get your hair permed or get a typical blowout with curtain bangs. This crazy hair trend is here to stay. Embrace your natural curly mane or go ham with a blowout - it’s your time to go crazy and shine! 

The past few decades surely have had some great fashion trends. It looks like people want them back and they want it now! I rummaged through my mother’s old clothes to find some timeless pieces, and I urge you to do the same. Hop on these trends but don’t forget to be mindful about your carbon footprint. After all, we’re all about trendy but green fashion!