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5 Ways To Do Graphic Liner Looks This Season!

Eyeliner makes your eyes big, round, small, or slanted, depending on how you use it. This year, graphic liners are on all the trendy fashion pages. So, without wasting any time, here are some of my favorite graphic liner trends! 


Double wings: 

Let’s start off with the basics - draw a classic wing, and add an equal wing underneath it to give it a complete wispy look. It’s easy and so quick!

Interweaving colours:

Step up your game and transition from the double wing into an overlapping colour liner. I prefer keeping black as a basic guideline, for comfort’s sake. Draw your coloured liner first and then leave room for a regular winged liner.


Cleopatra’s eye:  

A black smokey eye for your evening plans? Come on, it’s 2021! Show up to your Zoom parties with Cleopatra’s eyeliner look. Pair it with nude lips or bold ones and don’t shy away from making a statement! Draw a thick slanted wing, and then draw a line onto your crease and connect it, thickening the line as per your aesthetic. 

The dots: 

Add a pop of colour to your look with this really easy eyeliner technique. Draw a thick, dramatic winged liner on your eyelid and draw a dot on your lower lids. Turning heads this party season? Yes, you most definitely are!

Minimal floating liner:  

Do you want to try these trends but aren’t open to going all out? I got you. Draw a thin line on your upper lid including the flick. Extend it up to about half a centimeter; next draw a thin, curved line on your crease and join it to the flick. You can play with colours and go wild! If you’re a little extra, use a tinted eyeshadow gloss to make your eyelid shiny! 

Rock these eyeliner looks with a steady hand, some patience and a lot of practice. In my opinion, all you need is concentration. I find that a light skin tint and a bold or nude lip goes best with these looks! Trust me, I put more effort into these eyeliner looks than I do for my final papers. 

Hi! I'm Ira. I'm a lover of all things fashion, makeup and dressing up! I also play the sports of powerlifting and weightlifting and I enjoy reading books. You'll definitely find me at the gourmet food section of any grocery store thinking about what I can whip up. I identify as queer and I make sure I advocate for my community. I hope you enjoy my articles!
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