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4 Steps To Solve Your Last-Minute Work Crisis

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Krea chapter.

Whether you like it or not, there must have been a point where despite creating schedules, making mental notes on what to do, and having reminders on your device, you would have tons of work to do on the day of your submission. While I’m usually good at juggling numerous tasks at once, there have been times when I’m distracted by a new show on Netflix (the next episode button is to blame). This eventually leads to me scrambling through my brain during the last few hours to deal with all the stress and work. But through my experience, I have come across 4 steps that would somewhat help you get that degree.

1. Prioritize

With hardly any time left, it is important that you prioritize what really is worth it. I usually look at which assignment contributes the most to my grades, whether I’m auditing that course or not etc. I would also recommend looking at the workload per assignment which basically means how long each assignment takes. If it takes too much time and contributes to a pretty good weightage of your course, then you should probably work on it first.

2. Compromise

This tip is honestly sad but you can do only so much at the last minute. This means that you will need to compromise. For example, if you would spend a substantial amount on research for an essay, I would say to reduce the time on that and work towards drawing out as many connections as you can with what you already know. This might decrease the quality of your essay but hey, that is the price we have to pay for procrastinating.

3. cut out distractions

If you want those grades, you’ll need to work for them. The time left should be spent absolutely grinding through the assignments/work so that you can go over it quickly. Close that Netflix tab, play some music (if it helps), and start your assignments right away. If you are hungry, don’t postpone it. Eat something that will satiate your hunger and get back on track. Be honest with yourself and cut out any distractions that you know will delay the process even more.

4. be confident

Chances are, you might actually pull this off within the time limit. Very often, we underestimate our capabilities. That assignment you think is too difficult might turn out to be very easy. So be confident in what you know and stop undervaluing your skills.

The one thing I’ve learned from all of this is that even though I end up submitting them on time and somehow scoring well on them, they cause way too much stress. All of y’all reading this, think to yourself- is the stress worth it? No. So this is a reminder to me and to y’all to do our work on time so that we can waste our time however we want stress-free.

I'm an undergraduate student at Krea University, majoring in Economics. I love writing in my free time, listening to music, watching Tv-shows, and love to procrastinate my way through life.