Why Growing Up with Sisters Is Actually the Best

Growing up with only sisters is a unique experience. As the oldest of three girls, I have my fair share of interesting stories, like that time when I thought that my youngest sister being born meant we got to “return the other one,” or the time we got into a fight over American Girl dolls and one of them “accidentally” shoved their finger up my nose and gave me a nosebleed. Yeah, we didn’t exactly get along when we were younger. And, when I say that we didn’t get along, I mean we basically hated each other. But, as we got older and matured, things between us got better. Our relationship became less about fighting and more about bonding with the occasional stealing of an outfit or two. Now that I’ve been out of the house for almost two years, I have had time to reflect on my all-girl experience. I thought I’d share some of the things that I’ve learned are pretty awesome about having sisters.


More Clothes

Having a sister basically means having two closets. Need sandals to go with that new Maxi dress? Your sis probably has some. Don’t have a clean pair of yoga pants? Your sister probably has those, too. When you combine forces, you and your sisters have a closet that even Cher Horowitz would be jealous of.


A Mandatory Squad

They’re related to you, so they literally can’t ditch you (and trust me, mine have tried). No matter what, you always have a girl (or girls) to fall back on. It doesn’t matter if your friends cancel on you for lunch or your parents are forcing you to go bond with the relatives. You’ve got that handy-dandy girl squad to go do it with you.


Unlimited Advice

They know you better than almost anyone, so who better to ask the important questions? Whether it be composing the perfect response to your crush’s text or deciding which picture to post on Instagram (hint: it’s the one that makes your butt look better), sisters always give the best advice. They’ll tell it to you straight, no sugar coating needed, but they’ll also support you through thick and thin.


Gossip Time

Let’s be honest here, people: gossip is therapeutic, and sister gossip is the best kind. I’m not talking about saying bad things about people behind people’s backs because that is hurtful and toxic. I mean getting together and just talking about your lives. You can talk about what boys you find cute, the class you’re super excited about taking next semester, or that Buzzfeed quiz that suggested you would get married this year based on the fact that brownies were your favorite dessert. The possibilities are endless, and with sisters, it’s usually pretty funny too.


Karaoke Sessions

There is literally nothing better than a sister karaoke session. There are few people who will rap all of Nicki Minaj’s Superbass word for word with you while doing homework or be the Eliza to your Angelica on an impromptu trip to the mall. Being with your sisters means it’s a no judgment zone, so you can attempt those high notes without feeling self-conscious. That is until you realized they filmed the whole thing and posted it on their Snapchat stories because that is true sisterly love.


Don’t get me wrong, my sisters drive me insane sometimes. They can be moody and annoying and I swear my youngest sister stole half of my makeup when I went to boarding school and never gave it back (that’s right, Caroline, I noticed). But, regardless of all the crazy things they do, they’ve been there for me since day one, and they will be part of my life forever. That’s pretty damn cool. They are my sisters, and I’ll love them no matter what.


Image credits: Maddie Rule, Playbuzz.com, Giphy.com