Who I Am, According to Buzzfeed

One night, while I was (of course) procrastinating on my homework, I somehow ended up in the great black hole of Buzzfeed.  Specifically, the great black hole of Buzzfeed quizzes.  Let’s be honest—we’ve all been there.  And who doesn’t want to know which donut truly represents them?

But, after taking several of these quizzes in a row, I had to wonder what would happen if I put all the results side by side.  Would they be consistent?  What would they say about me as a whole?

I’m aware that the Internet does not dictate my life and is not an all-knowing force that can read into the depths of my soul (at least I hope it’s not).  However, there has to be some sort of reason we fall into these personality quiz traps.  I feel like they’re generally consistent, at least to some degree.  Can it possibly be a coincidence that the Harry Potter character I’m most like is Ginny Weasley, and the Hogwarts guy I should date is Harry Potter?So I decided I would put these quizzes to the test.  The procedure?  Take a bunch of Buzzfeed quizzes, compile the data, and see how much of it matches up to see how consistent my results are.  If they seem to all add up, I can assume that as my new Buzzfeed identity, and compare it to how I see myself in the real world.  Plus, as a certified Intro Psych student, I clearly meet the basic qualifications for assessing personality.  Right?

I tried to look for a wide variety of categories, from classics like “Which Ice Cream Flavor Are You?” to the more unusual ones, like “Plant a Garden and We’ll Reveal Your Personality Type,” so I could ensure that I was covering all of my bases.  I also tried to go for ones with answers that weren’t too obvious, to avoid the possibility of idealizing my answers (i.e. choosing how I want to be, as opposed to how I truly am).  One thing I’ve noticed is that it’s deceptively hard to find good Buzzfeed quizzes when you’re actually looking for them—yet, when I have six essays to write and two books to read, it’s never a problem.  Funny how that works…When I was satisfied with my amount of quiz data, I got to work comparing the answers.  My donut type (blueberry cake) says I’m a good friend who loves to help others, though I can be perceived as a bit of a doormat.  However, my ice cream flavor (butter pecan) and cereal type (corn pops) mention that I have a feisty side too.  The time period I belong in (Renaissance Italy) states that I’m a “style fiend” with a taste for culture and the finer things in life, and the type of unicorn I am (invisible) apparently makes everyone jealous of my invisibility powers.  My dog breed (shiba inu) and cow type (Gertrude the Brahman) both say I’m loyal and protective, but resistant to change, and the grandma of the group.  My personality type based on my garden (craftsperson) and the career I should actually have (designer) say I’m creative and love to make things.

Some other miscellaneous highlights include that I live in New York and hate tuna fish, I’ll meet my soulmate online, my aura is silver, my dream type is a daydream, my best friend will get married in 2021 (Yikes!  That’s awfully soon!), my position on the quidditch team would be a Chaser, I’m 42% Sun and 58% Moon, and 2017 will be a good financial year for me (Woohoo!).

So, how does that match up?I certainly hope I’m a good friend, and I genuinely do like to help others, even if it sometimes means overtaxing myself a little.  I would like to think I have a feisty side, though I don’t know if it comes out as much as it theoretically could.  I’m all into culture and fashion, and I would consider myself pretty creative and artistic—sometimes too much for my own good, like when I pour way too much time and energy into a creative assignment just because the idea is there and won’t leave me alone.  I’m a total Luddite with technology and act like a grandma most of the time, and I get pretty nervous in new situations, so I guess that one’s pretty spot-on.

I’m not sure about the invisibility—I’m shy and introverted, but I wouldn’t say that that kind of invisibility is desirable, though the power might come in handy if I’m ever employed as a secret agent.  I also have terrible aim, so being a Chaser on the quidditch team is out, and I trip over my own feet too often to be convinced that I have an “ethereal presence” from my silver aura.  I don’t live in New York (yet) or hate tuna fish, but who can say about the rest?  I would LOVE for 2017 to be a good money year for me.  Maybe these quizzes are just a bunch of people on the internet having a good time.  Or maybe Buzzfeed really does know everything.

All in all, I don’t think cows, ice cream, and plants can really be trusted to define my personality.  They were right about a few things, sure, and like most people, I’m not the best judge of my own character, but does Buzzfeed really know me better than I do?  I might just leave that to sit for a while and ponder it during future procrastinations.  For now, it’s back to studying—whatever my true identity may be, it’s not immune to exams!


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