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Wearing My Brappz For Sendoff

I’ve fallen in love— with Brappz. A month ago, Her Campus National sent us some Brappz in our Spring Break Survival Kit, and I had a wonderful time reviewing them for this article. I really enjoyed a lot of things about my Brappz, and when we were sent even more in this month’s survival kit, I jumped right on them. In my last article I chose to write about all of the possible uses for Brappz, but this time around, I chose to wear my Brappz to an actual event: my very first Summer Sendoff. Here are some good, bad, and ugly pictures of my weekend with Brappz!

So, I know that I tried out a pink choker in my last article, but I’ll be honest, hot pink has never been a color that I enjoy wearing on a regular basis, and although I loved the look of the choker, the color really didn’t work with most outfits that I wore. This orange choker, on the other hand, is absolutely fabulous! Not only do I love the color of the necklace itself, but the darker clasp color is also much more pleasant. Additionally, not only was this choker incredibly comfortable, but I also got multiple compliments on it from people who had no idea that they were Brappz.

I have also been loving using my Brappz as shoelaces. I replaced the shoelaces in my black Clarks sneakers last month, and they’ve been incredibly cozy. The shoes have always been a bit tight, but now with Brappz laces, they’re easy to slip on, and they create the perfect amount of tension on my feet. They remind me of the tie-less laced shoes that I used to wear as I child— the cute look of shoes with laces without the struggle of retying them every time you put them on.

Finally, I did try Brappz as bra straps one more time because I felt that it was necessary to use them for their original purpose at least one more time. Honestly, my feelings on them as bra straps are about the same as they were. Although I understand the goal, I just don’t feel that they are necessary. As bra straps, Brappz are hard to adjust, and they don’t work any better than regular bra straps. Additionally, since I only had pink Brappz to use as bra straps, I was even less thrilled to wear them because I literally don’t own clothing that would look good with pink bra straps. I really prefer a strapless bra to Brappz when wearing tanks, but that being said, I still really like Brappz.

After spending a lot of time with Brappz, I’ve come to enjoy their simplicity. I like the minimalist feel that they have, and I love that they can be used for a multitude of purposes. They’re definitely the perfect accessory for everyday life and for those crazy sendoff parties. Be sure to check them out here if you want to get your own pair!


Image credits: Jenna Bouquot, Mia Fox

Jenna is a writer and Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Kenyon. She is currently a senior chemistry major at Kenyon College, and she can often be found geeking out in the lab while working on her polymer research. Jenna is an avid sharer of cute animal videos, and she never turns down an opportunity to pet a furry friend. She enjoys doing service work, and her second home is in the mountains of Appalachia. 
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