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Tips For A Productive Summer Break

Everyone, summer is coming. Endless days of lying in the sun, eating ice cream, going to amusement parks, and running around barefoot are nearing. No homework, no classes, no need to wake up early (unless you are a responsible, mature college student and found a job, and in that case, good for you). 

However, I’ve always looked at summer breaks a little differently. I see it as an opportunity for self-growth and self-development. Whether you’re anticipating embarking on your first year of college, just survived your first year, or are going in for round three or four, everyone can use a fresh start.

That means something different for everyone. For me, it’s necessary to take time at the end of every year to reflect on the past months. The ups and the downs, moments when I was happy, moments that I regret, and try to hold onto the good memories and try to pinpoint if there was anything that was missing from my experiences.

Get it, reflection? Very punny, very punny.

Even if you don’t have the means to have a huge dramatic transformative experience, there are ways for everyone to have a little self-makeover. Realize that you stress too much? Start practicing meditation for half an hour every day. It takes 21 days to make or break a habit, so if you start over summer break it’ll be sure to stick when you get back to school.


Realize that your wardrobe could use some sprucing? You don’t need to spend major bucks. Check and see where there are local thrift stores, yard sales, or flea markets. With the nice weather, these options are in abundance and you’ll be sure to get some items for a steal. And sometimes all it takes is one great article of clothing to make you feel better and new.           

If you don’t feel as if you personally need to make yourself over, maybe try gaining a new skill. Summer break is when I love to try cooking for my family. Last summer I did a taco night, and it was incredibly fun and my family was very supportive of my ambitious endeavors.


Ultimately, we’re too young and have too many opportunities to just waste summer break lying around and watching TV, or complaining about having to work. Even if you have a lame job working retail, make the most of it. Try to learn a language on your hours off, or get to know your coworkers, or make a list of outrageous ways to spend the cash that you make.



Before you know it, you’ll be back in the ‘Bier. And yes it’s always great to be back, but soon classes will start again, you’ll be bogged down in the library, and you’ll be complaining about how you wish you read that book over summer break, or took the time to do something fun with your hair, ‘cause now the hair salon options are limited. This summer, make your time count, because you’re worth treating yourself.


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