Tips for Hardcore Procrastinators

Over the years, I have perfected the art of procrastination. From researching and writing an entire research paper in one night, to getting homework assignments done five minutes before class starts, I would say I am quite the master of putting things off. However, I have also realized that this skill of mine isn’t the best for places like college. Learning to manage time is difficult, but it can be done. In order to help my fellow hard-core procrastinators, I have compiled a list of tips that I have found to be helpful in terms of getting work done. 


A Perfect Playlist 

As an avid lover of music, I would say that there is nothing like getting in the zone with your homework while listening to some pump up songs. Creating a playlist really has helped me concentrate on my work at hand. Whether it is chock full of calming classical music or dubstep, create the playlist that works for you. However, also recognize if you are a person that works better without music. Music can be a distraction as well!


Start Small 

I’ve found that thinking about how you have to start a twelve-page paper soon doesn’t really make one very motivated. Instead of starting on that, get to work on a smaller assignment, like a worksheet or reading. Then, after you’ve gotten used to the grind, work your way up to those big papers and essays. 


Take Breaks 

Studies have shown that taking five minute breaks every fifty minutes are healthy and helpful for studying. Getting up and moving, or even standing up to stretch, gets the blood flowing and will help with concentration. 

Incorporate Rewards 

The promise of an episode of Stranger Things after getting done with an outline is a powerful motivator. While this does take some discipline, even small things such as a snack after 45 minutes of studying can help you stick to an assignment for just a little bit longer before wandering off and doing something else that is less productive. 


Change up the Study Room 

While this might seem like a weird tip to put on the list, studies have shown that consistently studying in the same place can cause more procrastination, as you fall into a sense of monotony. If Mod B is your second home, change up your study space and go somewhere else! 


Find a Study Buddy 

I’ve found that studying with a group of friends or with one other person is helpful. When I am about to go do something that isn’t my homework, these people can hold me accountable. I also think that interaction with other people can make a study session more fun and productive than studying alone, fighting the evil force of procrastination on their own. 

While procrastination is a struggle, hopefully, these tips can help with the never-ending college workload. Putting things off is something that everyone deals with, and while time management isn’t always easy, it can be done with some willpower and discipline sprinkled in the mix. 


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