Summer Sendoff: I Smell Good Now

Her Campus National sent us a fantastic summer survival kit this year, equipped with all the necessities for a smooth and easy finals week. I was especially excited to see the Secret Deodorant samples in the scent cool waterlily. I’ll be honest, I haven’t used Secret since I was in middle school. But I was at the end of my normal deodorant, and with Sendoff only a day away, I knew that having something to keep me smelling fresh was a must.

I’ve been using Old Spice for about five years now, mainly because I’m convinced that it lasts longer and provides better antiperspirant power, but I also love it because it makes me feel like a boss. Screw gender norms. Either way, my Old Spice was empty, and I was looking to party, so Secret became my new best friend.

On the day of Sendoff, I sat patiently through class, presented to my lab group about permeable pavement, then ran back to my room for a much needed shower. Nobody wants sticky, stanky post-shower pits, so I put my new deodorant on as soon as I was dressed. As soon as I smelled that waterlily aroma, I was hooked. Yeah, Old Spice might make me a boss, but Secret makes me and f-ing QUEEN

Once I had my deodorant on, I proceeded to fix my hair, do my makeup, and get glammed up. Of course no sendoff look is complete without some glitter. Within no time, I was feeling party ready, and I decided to take a quick break to sniff that amazing deodorant. I just couldn’t get enough.

Soon after, friends began arriving, and, just like that, the party had begun. I love sendoff because it’s one of the few times during the year where all of Kenyon comes outside to celebrate. Living on first floor Hanna, we were right in the thick of it, and we opened our windows wide to let the good vibes flow in. A group of my friends and I went outside to play games and walk around, but after a while, it felt like it was about time to freshen up, so I ran back to my room to grab some more cool waterlily!

Shortly after, some of my fellow HC Kenyon writers stopped by to join the party, and I got quite excited showing them my new favorite product. With its compact size, I could carry it around with my virtually anywhere I went, so I was never too far from some underarm protection.

All-in-all I loved spending sendoff with my new Secret deodorant. It added a nice floral touch to my day, and it provided excellent protection against my stinky pits. Thanks to my new deodorant, I could party, laugh, dance, and enjoy an amazing Sendoff weekend. Her Campus National definitely knows just what we need!

Image Credit: Jenna Bouquot