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books on brown wooden shelf
books on brown wooden shelf
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Stages of Studying for and Taking Midterms, as Explained By Beyoncé

It’s that time of year once again. Reading days have passed, and we are fully immersed in probably one of the most underrated, and yet busiest weeks of the school year, all because of one thing—midterms. So, make sure to study hard, stay sane, and check out these awesome songs. Good luck!


Stage 1: The “Countdown”

Whether this timer starts two weeks in advance or the night before the exam (I would not encourage the second option), the minute you start studying, that countdown has begun!

Stage 2: Realizing Everything is a “Beautiful Liar”

Sometime after you begin studying, the classic “Wait, did we learn this?” question pops up. The pre-study bliss is gone, and you’re no longer in denial when it comes to how much you really don’t know. Then you realize that one classmate who said, “It’s not that bad,”—well, they lied. And you’re left with pages of reading, stacks of flashcards and a mountain of practice problems ahead of you

Stage 3: When You Become Full of “Emotion”

A couple hours after studying material you don’t remember learning in class, the tears start to come.  You’re stressed, you’re tired and you’re probably hungry. So what do you do? Cry. And not just the single tear dropping down from one eye kind of cry. Oh no, this is the yelling, hysterical, mascara is running down your face, kind of cry.

Stage 4: It’s Time to Get in “Formation”

After you’ve allowed yourself some time to settle down, it’s finally time pull up your sleeves and really get going. This is when you get that cup of coffee with an extra shot of espresso and hit the books. The adrenaline kicks in, your motivation is an all time high, and it’s time to study study study!

Stage 5: Don’t worry, You’re a “Survivor”

After logging in all of those hours, exam day is finally here. So what if you ate your weight in junk food (yes I’m looking at you, empty of box of pizza). All that matters is that you survived. Study time is over and it’s time to walk into your class and show that exam what you’re made of.

Stage 6: “Ring The Alarm,” This Makes No Sense!

But then the exam is placed in front of you, and you realize that you have absolutely no idea how to answer the first question. Panic ensues. Alarms in your brain go off and you start to question everything you learned for this test.

Stage 7: Okay, I’m “Feelin’ Myself”

As time goes on, however, you start to get your flow. The hours of studying come back to you and you begin to feel confident in your answers. Sure, you may not know everything; but that initial panic fades away and you realize this exam may not be that bad after all. All that studying was worth it!

Stage 8: “Sorry,” but I’m Gone

Soon enough, the class period comes to an end and you finally get to turn in that exam in to your professor. Your next move, get out!

Stage 9: Walk Out, “***Flawless”

It’s finally over! No matter how you feel coming out of that exam, nothing can beat that post-midterm glow. It’s time to relax! Make sure you don’t celebrate too hard though; that next midterm is probably coming up soon.

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