Spending 1,512 Hours With my Sister

9 weeks. 63 days. 1,512 hours. This was the amount of time I spent with my sister this summer. Over the summer, my sister and I had the opportunity to travel for eight weeks in Greece and one week in Italy. I expected the once-in-a-lifetime trip was going to be amazing with my sister by my side. However, that didn’t mean we didn’t have our concerns that we might end up killing each other. To me, my sister is someone I don’t only look up to, but she is someone I am able to talk to when it’s needed and someone I can count on. To round it up she is my best friend, and I am hers. Throughout the trip, our friendship was tested through little things like someone reading our flight gate number wrong and almost missing our plane or someone getting the bathroom floor wet after taking a shower. But, aside from the little petty things, we enjoyed ourselves at cafes, beaches, and clubs. We made little memories in Rome, Athens, Venice, Florence, and so many other places. In Athens, we both were dying from not only the heat but also how beautiful the Acropolis was. In Verona, we ate truffle pasta for the first time together. In Venice, she started to sing Akon songs on our gondola ride. My sister and I had so many firsts together summer that our relationship grew. I never thought this summer was going to end. Every day would be the same: waking up, adventuring, and sleeping. So, when it did end, I was in complete denial. It helped me learn that we should live in the moment and enjoy the company we have around us. Every memory that I have is unique from each other and a memory that can never be re-lived. Lastly, I just want to say, “Sis I love you and I can’t wait for our next adventure”.​


Image Credit: Katie Zervas