Pumpkin Spice Let Me Live

Ladies, gentlemen, distinguished friends, despite the fact that it has been consistently way too warm outside, autumn is upon us. And that also means we are exposed to a bunch of really fun/delicious/cutesy foods and activities that will absolutely be judged by the mainstream media. So here’s a list of great things that are considered “basic” but you should do them anyway.


1. Pumpkin Spice Lattes

I bet you guessed this one would be first. I don’t understand why everyone hates on people who drink PSLs because they are honestly delicious. Also, I will continue to get a frozen PSL until my fingers have frozen off my hands and no one can stop me and my constant pursuit of whipped cream. Pumpkin spice everything is really a necessity for autumn to feel like autumn and people who pretend to not like the flavor to avoid being a “basic white girl” also don’t like fun.

2. Wearing Flannel

Yes I know I have the same exact flannel collection as everyone else, but they’re so versatile! Wear it with a t-shirt dress, a pair of jeans, tie it in the front, leave it open, get a really big one and wear it as a dress with thigh high socks! The possibilities are endless! And I will not stop wearing flannel just because everyone else is also wearing flannel. It may be cuffing season but if you, like me, find yourself uncuffed, wearing an oversized flannel can help you pretend that you have a significant other whose shirt you stole. Except you get to keep it and you won’t break up with yourself ever.


3. Instagram Photos of Colored Leaves

Where I’m from, the leaves don’t change color with the seasons so my first fall in Ohio was truly magical. Nature is pretty! Some people just want to share that! Maybe we aren’t posting the photo for you Mr. “I Grew Up With Seasons and I’m So Over It” perhaps we are posting it for our friends back home or maybe even *gasp* for ourselves! I don’t want to see your gross comment about how basic my picture of an orange and yellow tree is because quite frankly I don’t care and you’re embarrassing yourself.


4. Apple Picking

Okay, first of all, who doesn’t like apple picking?? Not only do you get fresh fruit for crazy reasonable prices (always the bargain shopper) but the photo opportunities are incredible. Nothing is more classically fall than a totally planned candid photo in your favorite fall ensemble while you attempt to grab an apple that is just out of reach, pair that with a fake laughing photo and you’re good to go; everyone knows that your fall day was so much better than their day spent bitterly tweeting about how pumpkin spice is overrated.

5. Fall Playlists with Mainstream Music

There is as reason that music is considered “pop” and it’s because it’s popular. I know, I know I just blew your minds. Also, is it a coincidence that pop is simultaneously considered both bad and girly? I think not. Ed Sheeran makes me want to fall in love and I am not ashamed to admit it. Check out my playlist or make your own full of your fave fall songs. I recommend acoustic classics paired with lighthearted indie electronica.


Fall is supposed to be fun. Honestly live your best life and if you’re one of those icky people who make fun of “basic activities” please go eat leaf and leave us alone.


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