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Moving to New York: A Case for the Big City


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“I’m moving to New York after college.”

            As one of the most commonly uttered phrases across college campuses in the United States, it’s clear that moving to New York City after college is still the dream of countless undergraduates as they look towards the future. A city filled with over eight million people, NYC is also the dream of countless other Americans, and the results of the yearly mass migrations from all corners of the country are quickly becoming obvious. Rent is unbelievably high for even the smallest of apartments, traffic is always horrendous, streets are dirty, and due to a lack of free space in some places trash literally lines the streets.


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If the conditions in New York are so terrible, why do thousands dream of making it their home?

One of the largest reasons is a search for jobs. New York truly is the hub of the US – major companies ranging from publishing houses such as Scholastic and Simon & Schuster to retail giants like Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s are based in the city, as are countless others of equal repute and success. Graduates and those in search of a change in career are sure to be drawn to the seemingly endless list of companies to work for  – even if the positions are only on the ground floor.

Singers, dancers, actors, and other artists also flock to the city for similar reasons. Broadway is arguably the best place on earth to see and perform in live theater, and fresh talent is always welcome. Painters and sculptors can find studios and museums galore to show their art and schools learn their craft, and fellow artists with whom to share ideas and gain inspiration.

Appreciators of the arts also find their home in New York. Although expensive, attending a Broadway show is always worth the price of admission, and lotteries, discounts, and rush tickets can make it easier to see as many shows as is humanly possible. For those more interested in the visual arts, museums such as the Guggenheim, MoMA, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art boast some of the most famous works of art of all time, and relatively low admission fees.

Despite the conditions of such a huge city, for most the pros of New York outweigh the cons. Although it’s stereotypical, people choose to move to New York for good reason – it’s city where dreams come true, and where lifelong wishes are made possible through hard work and perseverance. The Big Apple truly has something for everyone; don’t be afraid to go take a bite.

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