Mason McCool '17, Kale Lover

NameMason McCool

Year: 2017, Senior

Major: Chemistry

Campus Activities: Golf Team (Captain), DKE

Favorite Artist of the Moment: Travis Scott (He’s the only artist I’ve ever seen in concert)

Favorite Scent: The combination of fresh cut grass and dew on an early summer morning at the golf course

HCK: Hi, Mason! I heard that the gold team did pretty well in your last golf tournament. How did it go?

Mason: Yeah, we won. Two times in a row. “Back to back like Jordan in ’96 and ’97.” It was a good way to end the year. I’m really happy with how the team’s playing because I don’t think we’ve ever played this well before. We struggled a bit at the beginning of the season, so I’m really proud with how far we’ve come. It gives us an excuse to party and celebrate until we play again in the spring.


When did you first start playing golf?

Are all of these questions going to be about golf? ‘Cause that’s basically all I do, so I understand. So, I casually played in elementary school, but I didn’t join a team until the 8th grade. The middle school that I moved to in the 8th grade didn’t have a baseball team, but my parents still wanted me to play a sport. I couldn’t play baseball, so I decided to take up golf.  When I moved to Ohio, I realized how much more serious it is here, so I got more serious about my playing. From there, I really learned to enjoy it, and it suits my personality well.


Random question: what’s your spirit tool?

*Googles a list of tools* Well, I stabbed myself with a pair of scissors a few years ago, and I’ve never felt the same about tools. Maybe a paint brush because there’s absolutely zero way that I can hurt myself with it. It’s also really soft and possibly cuddly, so it’s kind of like a dog.


What’s your favorite vegetable?

Kale, because I always get it at Peirce. I hate the taste, but I heard that it’s really healthy, so I have to convince myself that it’s my favorite vegetable in order to force myself to eat it. I think it’s doing a pretty good job at making me healthy. I haven’t had to go to the health center all semester. Knock on wood!


What made you choose to study Chemistry?

Shout out to my high school Chemistry teacher, Mr. Kirian! He was my favorite teacher in high school, so Chemistry became my favorite subject. I decided to study it in college because I like it, and I’m good at it because I can’t really write. However, after a few years in college, I’ve found that Chemistry is a good tool to use in the future and hopefully it will help me to do life-changing research.


What’s your favorite show to binge watch on Netflix?

I watched one season of Breaking Bad once, but my sister no longer has a Netflix account, so I don’t watch anything anymore. I don’t really like TV. Unless it’s golf.  P.S.: Malory, please get your subscription back.


What are you planning on dressing as for Halloween?

I really like group costumes, so this year my apartment-mates and I are dressing as the cast from the hit Nickelodeon show, Dora the Explorer. I liked it when I was 5. Everyone decided that I would be the map, probably because I like to choose a few words that I repeat a lot. So, I get to say “I’m the map!” all night. Listen for me. I’m not really sure how I’m going to put the costume together, but if anyone has any ideas, hit me up.


Thanks Mason, and good luck with your next golf season!


Image credits: Mason McCool