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The Love I Have for “My Dog”

If you follow any of my social media accounts, one of the first things that you will see on my page is an adorable black lab named Jake. All of my captions make it seem as if he is my dog, but he really is not. Jake is my partner’s parents’ dog, that I just so happen to adore.

Growing up, and still to this day, I have always wanted a dog. However, after years of persistence and my parents’ constant rejection to any plea I put forward, I know that neither of them will ever be purchasing me a dog. Their excuse always has been “we don’t have time for one” or “I don’t want to pay for all those pet bills.” Quite honestly I had admitted defeat by my junior year in high school. Which made me all the more in love with all of my friends’ and peers’ dogs.

The summer of my junior year in high school was when I met Logan, his family, and Jake. After Logan and my second date, he wanted me to meet his parents and their dog Jake. Upon arriving at their house, I was greeted by what is basically a horse, otherwise known as Jake. Considering the fact that I am only 5’2, I was a little overwhelmed by his presence.

As time went on and I continued to come over to their house, Jake continued to greet me. He would always follow me and he seemed to never want to leave my side. He made himself a constant presence in my environment, even while I was trying to nap. Jake would just hop on the couch with me and I best make room for him. As Jake got to know me better, he also learned what things he did that I loved. After spending so much time with him, I think he became fond of me as well; he definitely knew who I was.

As Logan and I progressed in our relationship, I began to ask if we could take Jake places. From that point on, Jake seemed to always be with us. Because he was always with us, he started to feel like family. I was spending as much time with Jake as Logan was, and since I got used to doing little things for him all the time, I just began calling him my dog.

Every picture taken of Logan and I also had Jake in it, because he was always wherever we were. After I had posted a few pictures, people began complimenting me on my dog and I just rolled with it. I mean, I have always wanted a dog, so the fact that it seemed to others as if I had a dog was a dream come true.

The only person who seemed to mind was Logan, but he just said so to mess with me and point out the fact that legally I did not have a dog. His parents also did not seem concerned about my love for their sweet doggo. As time has gone on, I have continued in my endeavor to be “extra” with Jake.

Two and a half years after meeting Jake, I now have a picture of Jake up in my college dorm along with an array of photos of Jake on my Instagram. Jake is by far the best dog that I could ever ask to “pretend” be mine.


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Margo is a Sophmore at Kenyon College. She is from Williamsburg, Virginia where she was born and raised. Margo is an Political Science major with a minor in Religous Studies who is a member of the Epsilon Delta Mu sorority on campus. In her free time you can find her petting dogs on campus, or hanging out with friends.
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