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I’ve been seeing a lot of these recently for artists like Taylor Swift (who I also love very much), so I think it’s time to highlight one of my favorite bands—British girl group Little Mix. They’ve been putting out amazing music for the past nine years and are well-known almost everywhere except the U.S., so I hope to help introduce them to a new audience in some part. Frankly, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jade Thirlwall, Jesy Nelson, and Perrie Edwards are what got me into Europop in the first place and have so many hidden gems across their discography besides just the hits. Additionally, their new album Confetti just came out on November 6th, and I’ve included some of its songs in these lists, but I would encourage you to check out the whole thing. It’s seriously a masterpiece!


If you recently got out of a relationship and are having a hard time moving on (or just need a good cry), these are my recommendations. But as a warning: these are the saddest Little Mix tracks across their six albums, so be prepared!

  • Good Enough

  • These Four Walls

  • Told You So

  • Love Me Or Leave Me

  • Only You (Acoustic)

  • Breathe

  • Towers

  • Boy

  • Turn Your Face

  • A Mess (Happy 4 U)

General Pick-Me-Ups

On a more positive note, here are some songs that will hopefully bring you out of a discouraged slump. If that’s not the occasion, you can enjoy these anytime—but preferably before a big event or while on your way to work or school. 

  • No More Sad Songs

  • Break Up Song

  • Going Nowhere

  • Change Your Life

  • We Are Who We Are

  • Shout Out To My Ex

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Female Empowerment

Ever have those days when you just want to eliminate all men from the face of the earth? So do I. And if there’s one thing I’m certain about Little Mix, it’s that they make some of the best feminist bops out there. So put on your RBG t-shirt and jam out!

  • Not a Pop Song

  • Woman’s World

  • Power

  • Salute

  • Always Be Together

  • Wasabi

  • The National Manthem

  • Stand Down

  • My Love Won’t Let You Down

When You’re in a Great Mood

These songs are fun, delightful tunes for when you’re having a good day or want to just dance or vibe!

  • Happiness

  • Weird People

  • Forget You Not

  • Competition

  • Grown

  • Sweet Melody

  • OMG

  • Love Drunk

  • Confetti

  • Gloves Up

In a Relationship

And now for some love songs! Little Mix does not disappoint here either, and while I don’t have any experience in this department, I have to say that they do an excellent job of making me feel like I’m in love with… someone!

  • One I’ve Been Missing (note that it’s a Christmas song)

  • I Love You

  • Touch

  • Love Me Like You

  • Nothing But My Feelings

  • Holiday

  • Your Love

  • Motivate

  • Nothing Feels Like You

Feeling shaky about a relationship 

I know that Delicate by Taylor Swift is the ultimate song for this—the nerves about whether or not someone likes you as much as you like them and if the relationship can go forward, but also tremendous excitement. So here are the Little Mix songs that best capture this intense anxiety of not being sure if you’re on the right track with someone.

  • Lightning

  • Think About Us

  • If You Want My Love

  • Notice

  • Dear Lover

  • Rendezvous

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Lovesick or crushing on someone you can’t have

Okay, here is the most vulnerable category, at least in my opinion. It’s gut-wrenching when you want to be with someone but it’s impossible for one reason or another. I would also recommend watching a live concert version of Secret Love Song because it’s absolutely beautiful when Jade dedicates it to their LGBTQ+ fans and then the crowd sings along with the band!

  • Secret Love Song, Pt. II- watch live version

  • They Just Don’t Know You

  • Monster In Me

  • Nobody Like You

Confident about going forward

Lastly, here are some songs for when you might be a little nervous for the future but are ready to go forward and tackle your dreams! You’ve got this.

  • The Cure

  • Clued Up

  • I Won’t

  • Nothing Else Matters

  • See Me Now

  • Little Me

Alright, I hope you enjoy these Little Mix playlists and are taking time for yourself and not letting political news consume your life as I am right now. Happy listening!

Stella Tallmon is a freshman at Kenyon College from Juneau, Alaska and intends to major in political science. She enjoys swimming, hiking, and drinking tea.
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