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Kaylin Allshouse ’19, Pep Band Founder and Columbus Lover

Name: Kaylin Allshouse

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Major(s): Film and Studio Art

Campus Involvement: Pep band, EDM, Sophomore Year Council, Campus Senate

Favorite Peirce station: International



Hey, Kaylin! I hear you’re a film major. What would you consider to be your favorite movie of all time and why?

My favorite movie is Night at the Museum. I will watch it over and over and over and I have! Just for the story… It’s a fun time. The film perfectly wraps up with the dancing scene with “September” playing in the background [which pep band also plays]. There’s nothing else I would rather be doing.


What projects are you working on right now as a film/studio art major?

In my current Film class, I adapted a chapter from an old noir-type book into a film noir. I had to go through and adapt the book into a film; looking at staging, and looking at camera angles and lighting and everything that really composes a film noir. And, for my studio art major, I have been working on an appropriation film, which takes content that already exists and combines it with other content to make some sort of social statement. My work is focused on combining a speedrun of Mario with shots of the environment and how Mario is like running through the environment and as the levels get harder the environmental disasters increase and things like pollution and global warming are brought into consideration. A lot of videos in both majors.



What’s your favorite Kenyon class that you’ve taken thus far?

My favorite Kenyon class would probably have to be Photo 1, because that’s is what I can really see myself doing in the future. I am a professional photographer now and take seater portraits, professional portraits… I really love to interact with people and create a product that I and my clients love, and just having the social aspect along with the very mechanical aspect of photography makes it a very mathematical but also social area, which is really appealing to me. I created stuff in that class that I really love and am really proud of.


What inspired you to found pep band?

I love this question! I had a really positive experience at my high school with my marching band. That was where I really thrived as an individual and I grew a lot. All of my friends were in marching band with me. The positivity of that environment was very fitting to my personality. Coming to Kenyon, I knew that I wanted to be here but I also knew that it was missing something because I didn’t have that immediate immersion into such a strong social group, like with marching band. I realized that I really missed not only having a group where I could go play my trumpet, but I also missed being around those kinds of people and in such a positive environment. I created pep band so we could have an organization on campus that brings more spirit to sporting events but also a place to bring these great individuals together.


What has been the best part of pep band thus far?

Probably the best part about pep band is seeing how close all of the new freshmen have gotten with each other and the sophomores of the group. Just that we’ve created something that is sustainable and where people will find a home is really rewarding. One of the best feelings is when we work really hard on a song and finally get to play it at an event. Hearing the reaction to it and how well we all blend together is very valuable to me.



Most people who know you know that you’re pretty obsessed with Columbus. Want to share why?

If you’re from there, you understand… [laughs] There’s so much diversity there but yet everyone has an understanding of the Columbus vibe. You can go from the Short North, to the suburbs, to Broad Street, and there’s so much about Columbus that has its own unique feel and the specialness to the city. Everyone is just very positive and bands together.



Where do you see yourself in six years?

I could either see myself editing a documentary-style film or in a classroom, teaching others how to edit and produce films of the same nature. Either teaching or doing what I would be teaching.


To finish things off, why don’t you tell me your favorite Kenyon memory?

Probably my favorite Kenyon memory would be how the pep band has started going to Trivia Night [at the VI]. We just started going, and I totally underestimated how fun they would be, but they are a blast! It’s a really great opportunity to bond and relax and we go without any intention of doing well, but something we get to look forward to every week!


Thank you for meeting with me, Kaylin!

Photo credits: Kaylin Allshouse

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