To Ipsy, or not to Ipsy? Therein Lies the Question

I like to procrastinate by watching old reruns of HBO’s classic tv show, “Sex and the City.” Even though this show is over a decade old, I recognize that through the faded neon scrunchies and denim-on-denim styles, the characters’ makeup is forever. We all have our days when we either feel more like a Miranda (serious, classical make-up), like a  Charlotte (little makeup/natural makeup), a Samantha (always looking fabulous), or a Carrie (fun, flirty, and fresh). Though their fashion sense has changed through the years, their makeup is still able to awe-inspire. However, make-up has only been getting better! Recently, I tried out the make-up subscription ipsy. Long story short: you take a quiz and you have your own personal make-up helper. I mean, I’ve always thought I was semi-talented at make-up (I have low-key perfected the cat eye), but I wanted to try something new and be a little more adventurous. Rather than scouting my make-up at Target’s cosmetics aisle, I thought it would be smart to see what else was out there. Here’s what I found in a few of my ipsy bags!




What I Loved

The Price

It’s $10 a bag, plus free shipping! Even the pink bubble-wrap your package comes in makes you excited. You can also buy it for the whole year at 110.00 so you’d end up getting a free bag. I know that not many people need that much makeup, but if you do it’s a great deal!


The Sizes

Ipsy provides you mainly with sample sizes. Which is exactly what a girl needs. Try it, see if you like it, (maybe) buy it. However, sometimes you get a surprise! I got a full bottle of nail polish, a full eyeliner and lipliner, and a pretty large container or hair heat-protectant. You’re only paying 10 dollars for 5 well-sized items. It is the perfect deal.


The Personalization

The quiz you take is detailed enough where the stylists at ipsy can match your skin tone, hair color, eye color, etc. to what you want. Are you feeling more like a Charlotte and like natural based make-up? Or are you needing some fun colors to make your eyes pop? Ipsy asks you that and is here to help you step outside your comfort zone. They even have YouTube videos to help you with all your make-up!


The Feedback

If you don’t like anything/something that they give you they have reviews and FILL THEM OUT. You’ll find that they listen and will send you stuff you want/need.


What I Didn’t Love

That I can’t stop Ipsy-ing. I told myself that I can’t afford past October and it kills me to know I only have one more bag coming. It should come with a warning label: Ipsy can be addictive.

Below are the images of the items I received in my past two bags from August and September.

What’s stopping you? Try it out. And help a sister out on getting some points so maybe she can afford another bag. Subscribe using this referral link. Happy ipsy-ing, ladies!