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Going To The KAC Has Changed My Life

I am not an athletic person.  Until this past semester, the extent of my exercise was occasionally going to the KAC to work out for half an hour. Sometimes, I contemplated attending a Ballroom Dance meeting during weeknights.

This semester, though, I was resolved to maintain a healthy exercise regime.  For the first time in forever, my Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes weren’t scheduled in the morning and I saw this as my opening to set a strict schedule.  

My roommate Melissa jokingly said, “You’re not going to stick to that.” But ever since then, I’ve wanted to prove her wrong.  So, I made the trek to the KAC on a cold winter morning for the first time one Monday.  It was hard, long and difficult at first, I’ll admit.  But I knew I’d have to create a rhythm in my schedule in order to get used to it, so I took all the 8 am shifts at my part-time job in the library in order to ensure my waking up early.



After a while, I really loved how I felt after working out.  It simply felt good to be active and involved, especially after eating so many holiday sweets during winter break.  Of course, I worried a little about being judged since I don’t exactly blend in with the athletes.  My KAC hour now occurs in the morning when there’s less traffic, which I’m grateful for since I’m winded after running a mile on the treadmill or the fact that I only lift 10 lb weights, both of which look like nothing next to a fit, conditioned athlete.  Yet when someone asked me the other day why I keep working out anyway, I said: “It’s what I want to do.  For myself.”

That’s the mentality I think everyone really needs when starting a new exercise routine.  Don’t let yourself be judged or think you are doing less in comparison to everyone else, because that’s not what’s important.  Exercising should be for yourself, and you should only feel better from it.


Now a days, I feel a lot more stress from various student responsibilities, and it really helps me stay sane by taking an hour to just focus on moving.  It’s a great way to vent that stress and it makes me feel healthier both physically and mentally.  And there’s a certain satisfaction about finishing a workout too. (And being pleased by my roommate’s reaction.)



Plus, all exercise doesn’t have to be a strict, serious thing.  Some of my friends and I agreed to start taking zumba on Thursdays because it looked like fun. Plus, it’s a good way to keep active while simultaneously getting to spend time with them!  And as the weather improves, there’s the option of maybe a bike ride or a run with someone on the beautiful Kokosing gap trail.

So, don’t despair! The KAC (and its huge hill) can be daunting, but there are plenty of other workout ideas as well.  I finally have found a routine that works for me, but that doesn’t mean I have to be on the same level as other people —it differs for everyone.  In the end, just do what makes you feel good.


Image credits: Giphy, Paste Magazine, Clara Yetter

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