Freshman Year for Me

Freshman year, the holy grail for most people. It’s a place where you can reinvent yourself, be away from home, find out who you are, and find out who you want your friends to be. Freshman year is basically a year of unknown, and I think that’s what makes it so beautiful. A person’s first year can be a complete fail, while others can have ones that are amazing. I think we all hope that our year is amazing, but, if not, we are always able to move on. Because life isn’t going to stop for anyone. You either deal with the cards handed, or you can transfer. Personally, freshmen year was not that bad. I learned, had fun, and, overall, changed as a person. As I reflect, I laugh because all that I thought about in high school was college. The idea of college was what helped me push through all the good and bad in high school. But, after going to college, I missed high school. I miss being fun, naive, bold, scared, and ambitious. I felt like the world was my limit (so cliche). As I stare at freshmen now, all I see is hope. I am glad that I am not in their shoes anymore. I am now surrounded by people I love. I am not scared about who I am going to sit with at Pierce. I am taking classes I love. I am finding myself.

So, maybe this is a good luck article to all the freshmen out there in the world. Maybe this an article to say that there is hope. Maybe this is an article talking about all the new friends you will make. Overall, this is an article about me growing and finding who I am my second year.


Image Credit: Katie Zervas