Four Years of the Same Thing

College is what most people dream about. We have heard stories about how college is an amazing four-year experience when you learn how to be an adult, find yourself, and find long-lasting friends. I mean, college, from what I’ve heard, is meant to be a magical place where magical things happens.

However, being here for a year I’ve learned it is a lot harder than it seems. College at this moment seems more confusing, who are my friends, what do I want to do with my whole life. There is a lot of questions and unknown paths that I have to still figure out. I thought that I would figure out my life by the time I went to college, because college was a place I dreamed about. However, all that I’ve gathered so far is that it’s not at all what I wanted it to be. You don’t magically grow up and realize that you are ready for college. I feel like time is just passing by me and I am pretty much the same person I was when I was one year old.

I am realizing that I still feel like I am in high school. I know that everyone has a different perspective on how high school was for them. I hated high school with a passion because it was so strict, I had no freedom to chose classies, and don't even get me started on waking up at 6am everyday. It is the same because people have not fully grown up. People still gossip about other people's lives. Everyone is still classified as something: smoker, athletlete. Waking up in the morning is still a pain in the ass. College is basically teenagers being put in a new environment without their parents. ​​In all honesty, college comes with a lot more freedom. There are a bunch of things that are different in college than high school. Your main goal is to find something you love to study, which was way different than high school. I felt like one of my main goals in high school was getting into a good college. Therefore, I never really thought about what would happen when I did get into college and after college. I know that is really bad...was I already setting myself up for failure?

I would not say that college is actually going to feel like high school forever. People will adjust to their living situation and just grow up. People will forget about what they learned was norm in high school to realize they are in college. However, there will always be a spot in people’s hearts where they do wonder what has happened to the time that has passed. They will have a brief second where they are consumed with the fact that there use to be a time where they were in a different environment with different rules. College and high school work hand in hand with that because it's when we actually learn who we are and what we want. Image Credit: 1, 2, 3