Finals Week, as told by Bob’s Burgers

Finals week is a lot to handle. It’s a time full of stress, frantic studying, and crying in the middle of Olin. Unfortunately, I can’t provide you with a way to get out of that (although I wish I could), but I can provide some relatable gifs to get you through the week. I present to you: Finals Week, as told by Bob’s Burgers.


When it’s the Friday before finals and you realize you have to study all weekend:


You consider going out, but if you do, you find yourself preoccupied thinking about all of the work piling up on your desk:


Then the next morning you go to the library to do work, but people won’t stop talking on the third floor:


But they keep talking, so you strongly consider resorting to serious measures:


You study for so long, that you don’t even know what you’re doing anymore:


Then you stay up too late, and you walk around like a zombie all day:


So you turn to chugging massive amounts of coffee:


Getting up for a morning exam, and putting on the only clean clothes you have:


But, to be honest, you look anything but put-together:


Walking into your scariest exam like:


Then you try to answer a super long essay question that you weren’t expecting:


When you’ve taken half of your exams, and you realize you still have more to study for:


And someone asks you how your finals are going:


When your friends have finished all of their finals, so they’re just hanging out, but you have to do work:


But then, you walk out of your last exam feeling amazing:


Although finals week may not be the most fun week of the semester, it’s one week where we can all relate to each other, even if it’s just sharing in mutual pain and stress. I hope this list made you laugh—or at least grunt in agreement—and remember: it will all be over soon. Good luck with Finals, Kenyon!


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