Dear Katie: A Letter to my Future Self

Dear Future Katie,


I am writing you this letter because, congratulations, you are now 19! Um, honestly… where did the time go? Remember when Young Katie turned 16 and had a picnic with her friends while hanging out downtown? Man, those were the times.

I feel like I had to wait so long to turn 18, which strangely happened just a year ago. 18 is that one age when you feel like you have, like, ten times as much freedom as ever before. I could finally buy cigarettes—even though no, I don’t smoke—, watched R-rated movies, and stay up way past curfew. Now, a year later, I feel like those things were too hyped up.

Now that I’ve turned 19, I just feel old. (Hey, don’t laugh at me!) I decided to talk to some other people about how they felt once they turned 19. Some said it was the best time of their life, while others said it wasn’t really all that different. But, honestly, I’m excited to be writing this cute letter to you during a time when so much can change. A year is still a long period of time, and who knows what will happen by the time I turn 20? That sounds even more terrifying.

Katie, I feel like 19 is going to be a big year for you. Not only do you have to figure out what you want to do in college, but you also have to figure out what you want for yourself. As I write this, we are on the final stretch of the first year of college (THE END IS NEAR!!), but I also look back on all the new experiences we had. And I like to think that these new experiences are never really going to end. In the next few years, you will discover more about yourself, who your friends are, and where you belong. In the mix of all that, I hope you will find what you’re passionate about—biology, psychology, anthropology... the list goes on, but does not to extend to economics. Oh, future note: please choose a major that will make you happy. Please.

It’s easy to get lost in terms of who you are and who you think you are during your first year of college, because all you want to do is find friends, get good grades, and try a little harder not to gain those dreaded Freshman 15 (Okay, it’s a little late for that one… whoops). Settling in a new environment was really difficult this year. You missed your family, your room, and good home cooking—Mom, if you’re reading this, do not call me telling me that going away for school was my fault!

Freshman year is ending at the same time as you turn 19, Katie, and I’m so excited for you. For us. I know that next semester, you will take more time to focus on yourself.

Before I sign off, I wanted to make a list of things I did while I was 18 years old and leave an empty slot for the future of what I will do when I am 19. I hope that, when I look back on this, it will help me gain a new perspective on my life.

18-year-old Katie’s Adventure

1. Traveled Europe Alone

2. Won Prom Queen

3. Figured out Economics was for me

4. Passion for Makeup

5. Got my braces off

6. Zip-lined in Haiti

19-year-old Katie’s Adventure








As you can see, I left those slots blank. I don’t want to create too many expectations for myself because I am excited for what the next year holds. I look forward to looking back on this.

See you soon, girl.





Image credits: Katie Zervas