Collegiate A Cappella Drinking Game: Kokes Edition

Today is a momentous occasion. It not only marks the end of classes for our academic year, but it also brings us the bi-annual showcase of the ever illustrious voices of Kenyon’s premiere all-male snappi- oops, I mean, singing group, the Kokosingers. We love these boys from the bottom of our hearts, and always look forward to the show that they have to put on for us, but sometimes their wholesome boy-next-door shows could use a bit of sprucing up. But don’t change who you are, boys! There’s no need for that because we’ve got you covered. Here’s the motto: if you think you’re gonna snooze why not just bring some booze. That’s right. Test out this Kokes edition a cappella drinking game.* We’re not saying this has to be alcoholic or even involve any beverage at all, but hey, something’s gotta pass the time, amirite? So here we go. Grab a friend, read the following rules, and enjoy

Take a sip when….

  1. The Kokes can’t start singing because the audience won’t stop cheering

  2. It’s newbie time

  3. Someone is too loud while leaving Rosse

  4. The Kokes do that weird squatting low thing that sometimes looks like a really white version of the cat daddy

  5. Someone sings a high note and people lose their shit

  6. Someone on stage takes a sip of water

  7. A Creek yells something obnoxious

  8. Someone makes a bad dad joke

  9. They have to readjust the microphone

  10. A newbie has to readjust their weird get up

  11. Someone in the audience yells out a member’s name

  12. They sing a song written before you were born

  13. They sing a song you’ve never heard before

  14. Someone gets emotional during the Kokosing Farewell/senior song

And of course…

  1. FINISH your drink if an alum comes on stage for the Kokosing Farewell

Expert Edition…

  1. Drink anytime the Kokes snap (Warning: this is basically for anyone who wants to complete a Newman Day in under two hours)


Look out for more drinking games to come. If you’ve got any suggestions for more games you wanna see, send ‘em in. Until then, happy drinking! Hopefully, you won’t be stumbling out of Rosse like this:


*Her Campus does not condone underage and/or binge drinking. Be safe and make smart decisions.

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