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Campus Celebrity: Annaliese Milano ’16

Year: Senior, 2016

Age: 21

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Major: French Lit and Anthropology Double Major, Philosophy Minor

Campus Activities: Editor-in-Chief of The Kenyon Thrill, Co-President of French Club, President of Kenyon Students Against Gun Violence, Senior Admissions Fellow, UCC



Hi Annaliese! You’ve been really involved with the Kenyon Thrill for a long time, and this year you’re the editor! What is The Thrill hoping to achieve in the 2015-2016 academic year?

I’ve been involved with the Thrill for four years. This year we’ve made a few significant changes; we’re trying to make it a platform for narratives and more serious issues, but also maintaining some satire. We’re also trying to be more inclusive of the whole campus this year and trying to appeal to various demographics in Gambier.

Besides striving to be more inclusive, what was the editorial team’s biggest motivation behind changing the tone of The Thrill’s content from humor pieces to tackling more serious topics?

Our viewership has declined over the past few years; we kind of attribute that to the graduation of some of our founders. We were trying to post five times a day and being funny at the same time, which is too difficult. People weren’t very interested in us being funny all the time.

We want to keep the humor aspect but to be more refined. We want to keep producing jokes, though. We’re trying to save our voice.

Have you received any feedback from your readers yet?

So far, so good! We’re still trying to keep our readership up, and it’s been working so far.


What’s your favorite article you’ve ever written for The Thrill?

Oh gosh! I wrote one when I got back from abroad that was about Tinder, it was called “Tinder Pick-Up Lines,” or something like that. I had just come back from abroad and all my humor was pent up, so I think that is one of my best “funny” articles.


Do you have any advice for aspiring writers or editors?

I think process is everything, collaboration is really important. Other times I think we make ourselves laugh, but making others laugh is so much harder. Being able to accept constructive criticism, and being open to being better is really important. Also, making the distinction between what criticism to take into consideration is crucial.


On to the fun questions! Imagine you have to create a 10 O’Clock list for yourself. What are ten things about you?

  1. Really sarcastic.

  2. Loves animals; I have two guinea-pigs on campus!

  3. I’m an equestrian, I have three horses and a mini donkey at home.

  4. I’m trying to go to Grad School for Anthropology.

  5. My favorite movie is “The Great Dictator,” with Charlie Chaplin.

  6. I have two tattoos.

  7. My favorite Peirce meal is... Caprese Sandwiches!

  8. Human Sexuality and Culture with Professor Suggs was my favorite course at Kenyon.

  9. I’m very much a feminist.

  10. I hope Bernie Sanders is elected for President!

If Jeni’s made an ice-cream flavor just for you, what flavor would it be and why?

I love Birthday Cake ice-cream, so it would be something along those lines. I would add Reese’s Cups to it. I don’t know if it would be good, but I’d definitely be okay with this combination.


Finally, what’s one thing on your Kenyon Bucket List that you haven’t gotten to yet?

I always wanted to drive a mini, plastic car down Middle Path. Like the kind that kids drive.

Inês was one of Her Campus Kenyon's Campus Correspondents and Editor in Chief from 2015-2017. At Kenyon, she majored in English and Comparative World Literature. Currently, Inês is pursuing a PhD in Spanish and Portuguese Literature at Yale University.
Class of 2017 at Kenyon College. English major, Music and Math double minor. Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Accidentally singing in public, Eating avocados, Adventure, and Star Wars.
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