7 Reasons it’s Good to be Single for the Holidays

For me, nothing says coming home for the holidays quite like the comfort of discovering my apartment has become enveloped in the aroma of fresh pines from our Christmas tree and I can hear the sound of Hallmark holiday movies playing faintly in the distance from my mom’s bedroom with my dog wrapped up by her feet.

But going home for the holidays is a time filled with countless emotions besides comfort for all of us. Whether it’s the anxiety produced from having to figure out holiday plans; choosing which side of the family you’ll be spending it with, and then consequently figuring out how you’ll politely turn down the plans from the opposite side of the family, all the while trying to balance making time for your friends. Or the excitement that comes with attempting to bake intricate Christmas cookies. Or maybe it’s the shock you experience from the news that family from the opposite end of the country are unexpectedly deciding to fly in to visit, family that you haven’t seen in years because of time and distance constraints. For many, perhaps it’s the anticipation of the inevitable question that will be asked by all these family members: So, are you seeing anyone? The classic ‘Do you have a significant other’ inquiry that is never fun to try and deflect. Some people see being single for the holidays as a dreadful time. But as someone who has always been single for the holidays and finds nothing with it, here are some small things to remember if you dread being single for the holidays that’ll help you get through each day:


1. No tainted holiday memories.

You won’t have any of your precious family photographs ruined by the blemish of a potential soon-to-be-ex. There’s also no pressure from the expectations of introducing that special someone to your family.


2. Unlimited girls night in with unlimited hot cocoa.

You’ll have way more time to catch up with old friends that you’re separated from while away at college. Plus you can make it hot cocoa girls’ night any and/or every night.

3. You can steal all of the blankets and hog up the bed.

You don’t need a significant other to cuddle. That’s why body pillows were invented. Okay, maybe that’s not why they were invented, but let’s just pretend that’s why for my argument’s sake.


4. Less presents to buy.

As a college student, how much money do you really have to spend on gifts? Having one less person to buy a present for definitely relieves a bit of that holiday stress.

5. No forced holiday events.

Holidays with a significant other means twice the traveling, twice the annoying, pestering relatives, and twice the hassle. Holidays without one? It means you won’t need to practice your fake smiling just as much this year.


6. Holiday parties and New Year’s Eve bashes.

It’s a fact that the mistletoe will be impossible to miss at holiday parties. But don’t let it intimidate you. Being single means you’re able to start the new year nice and fresh. Also, though anticipating your New Year’s kiss can be terrifying, it can an equally thrilling experience. Will it be that guy you’ve had a crush on since you were kids? Will it be that new person you’ve been talking to the whole night? Will it be a peck on the cheek with your best friend? Will it be no one? It’s a new year with endless possibilities before you.

7. Time to focus on yourself.

When those “Are you dating anyone?” questions hit hard from your aunts, own your singleness with pride. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being single, so show your family that you’re strong and independent and do not need to be defined by their prying love life questions.


So if by the end of the night on New Year’s, you plan on kissing no one, that’s just fine because realizing that it’s okay to be in love with no one else but yourself is truly one of the greatest presents or resolutions out there.


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