The 6 People You'll Meet at a Wedding

I attended a wedding last week and realized that there are quite a few characters at these kinds of events. Below are the six people you’ll meet at a wedding!


1. The over-zealous junior bridesmaid

She’s twelve years old and this is the best day of her life. She’s so excited she’s jumping out of her shoes. No one is more excited for this wedding than her, not even the bride. You’re pretty sure you saw her practice walking down the aisle 17 times last night in the hotel. And it’s a good thing she did because there is no way she can walk in those heels.

2. The cousin who is only here for the open bar

You have never seen them at a single family occasion. Then again, no other family occasion has an unlimited supply of free vodka. They will most likely be hammered by 7 PM and will then proceed to hit on every single one of the bridesmaids. And maybe some of the groomsmen, too.

3. The flower girl who is done with life

Tell her to smile one more time and she just might throw her flowers in your face. She doesn’t want to be here and she’s not afraid to let everyone know it. And who can really blame her? Her shoes are uncomfortable, her dress is too poufy, and everyone keeps pinching her cheeks. Plus, the wedding falls right during nap time. Where’s a good episode on Dragon Tales when you need it?


4. The groom’s/bride’s ex

It was the ultimate, awkward “to go or not to go” situation. This one plucked up their courage, grabbed the hottest date and outfit they could find, and went. They’ll need at least a couple shots before even going to the ceremony just to get through. Then, they’ll spend most of their time at the reception, not-so-casually showing off their date and talking about how fantastic their life is—whether it’s true or not—just to make sure the bride/groom knows what they’re missing.


5. The gossipy aunt

Want to know why Aunt Kelly and Uncle John really got divorced? You know where to go. The gossip aunt lives for weddings, and she knows everything about everyone. After a couple glasses of wine, the family secrets just come pouring out. Be careful what you say though, because as much information as she’s willing to share, she’d share the same about you in a heartbeat.


6. Bridesmaidzilla

It’s her best friend’s wedding and she’s going to make sure it goes perfectly, no matter what it takes. She’s already made the ring bearer cry and the catering staff avoid her like the plague. She keeps compulsively fixing the flower arrangements and pacing like a caged lion when she has no one to yell at. Someone should really get her a drink, for everyone’s sake.

Have you encountered any of these people at a wedding?


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