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5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Take a Creative Writing Class

This semester, I took Multi-genre Creative Writing with Jaquira Diaz, a Kenyon Review fellow. It is my first creative writing class at Kenyon, and I was unsure of what to expect, but I have absolutely loved it. However, there is a surprising number of people who have not taken a creative writing class and do not plan too, and I think they’re missing out. Kenyon is known for it’s outstanding English department and Creative Writing classes, but despite the fact that this is one of Kenyon’s best attributes, many people who are not English majors or are not particularly interested in creative writing will not take advantage of these courses. This is why you should be interested, regardless of major!


1. They stimulate creativity.

One of the greatest things about Creative Writing classes is that they foster creativity without requiring a unique skill set in the way that Studio Art and Film classes do. Few classes allow you to take any idea and run with it, but Creative Writing classes are even better because they allow students to be creative with their writing, which is easier for those who are not particularly artistically inclined (like me).

2. They improve your writing skills.

Creative Writing classes focus a lot on writing style, which will improve both your creative and your academic writing. If you have an easy time getting your thoughts across in papers, but struggle to do so gracefully, consider taking a fiction or nonfiction course to help with your improve your structure and style.


3. They teach you how to give and take constructive criticism.

A major portion of Creative Writing classes is spent workshopping, meaning that the class reads and critiques pieces other students have written. While this can be stressful at first and may be a turnoff to shyer students, it does an excellent job teaching you how to take constructive criticism from your peers and how to use it in your writing. Likewise, when you are workshopping another student’s piece, it teaches you how to politely give constructive criticism and how to be comfortable doing it. Giving and taking criticism are useful skills to have after college, so why not make an effort to develop them now and take a Creative Writing class?


4. They help relieve stress.

It’s no secret that pleasure writing, such as journaling, is an excellent way to relieve stress in a more structured manner––and you get a grade for it. It’s pretty rare that a writing-heavy class can be considered stress-leaving, but a Creative Writing class definitely is. Exercising different muscles in your brain is a great way to destress while getting smarter.

5. They teach you how to express yourself better.

Creative writing generally requires you to look within, especially when you’re writing a memoir-piece or personal-essay. If you’re someone who struggles to journal but likes the idea of journaling, the structure of a Creative Writing class is exactly what you need to help with your self-expression.


Regardless of your major or your interests, take a creative writing class. You’ll thank me later.


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Hannah Joan

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Hannah is one of the Campus Coordinators for Her Campus Kenyon. She is a Buffalo native and plant enthusiast studying English and Women's and Gender Studies as a junior at Kenyon College.    
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