15 Ways to Unwind, No Screens Allowed

I am the first person to admit that I love to surf the web in bed before I go to sleep. What better way is there to unwind than browsing Pinterest? Well, according to science, there are much better ways—ones that won’t damage your sleep. It’s time to unplug before bedtime. Below are 15 ways to unwind that don’t involve the internet. Enjoy!


1. Color

Coloring is a great activity that can be as mindless or mindful as you want it to be. Whether you’re working on a long-term project or you just need to scribble at the end of the day, coloring is an excellent way to sooth your mind after a long day.


2. Knit

Although knitting is generally more of a long-term activity, working on a little bit of a scarf at the end of the day can be a very soothing, and it’s something to look forward to when calculus is sucking the life out of you.


3. Paint your nails

Painting your nails is a quick, easy, way to center yourself, and the result is very aesthetically appealing.



4. Chat with your roommate(s)

I love chatting with my roommates at the end of the day. Sometimes, mindless gossip, closet-shopping, and a tea party are the only ways to unwind before going to bed.

5. Drink tea

This is another one I like to do with my roommates, and it’s arguably my favorite. Tea is scientifically proven to help soothe your nerves at the end of the day. Pick up some decaf tea (peppermint is my personal favorite) and cuddle up with your cutest mug.


6. Listen to music

This one can be considered digital, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re part of the lucky bunch with a record player, pop in a record and listen to some quiet, soothing tunes. If your only option is to listen to music on your phone or computer



7. Read for pleasure

Everyone knows that reading a chapter of a fun novel before bed is an excellent way to settle down, so pick out a good one to read before bed. Everyone deserves a break from heavy reading.


8. Do some light reading for class

If you’re extra-stressed, consider doing some light reading for class before bed. It might not be the time to start your philosophy reading, but if you enjoy Jane Austen it might be a good time to get some reading done early.


9. Take a shower or a bath

Hot water + wonderfully-smelling soap = happiness.


10. Put on a face mask

It’s no secret that stress takes a toll on your skin, so give your face a bedtime treat to help you unwind (these sheet masks are my favorite).


11. Make a to-do list...

If your stress about tomorrow is taking away from your today, make a to-do list. Having a clear list of what you need to do the next day will help settle your mind at night, and you’ll be prepared for the day ahead when you wake up.


12. ...Or a to-don’t list.

If to-do lists do nothing but add to your stress, make a to-don’t list of everything you’ve done or everything that doesn’t need to get done immediately. Seeing a long list of tasks that need to be accomplished can be overwhelming, but it’s reassuring to see everything you’ve already taken care of or don’t need to worry about.


13. Write in a journal

Sometimes the only way to settle down is to let it all out, and journals are great for unloading. Even if you just jot down a few of the things eating away at your (or exciting you!), getting out how you feel is a great way to help you unwind.



14. Stretch

Your body had a hard day, too. Stretch your muscles before climbing into bed and you’ll feel extra refreshed in the morning. If you’re feeling ambitious, try some nighttime yoga before you crawl under the covers.


15. Meditate

Meditating is like stretching for the mind: it’s a great way to center yourself in before you go to sleep. If I’m trying to get ready for bed and my mind is all over the place, I try to meditate for about 10 minutes before I go to sleep. Read here for some great beginner-meditation tips.


Nighty night, sleep tight. Don’t let the iPhone bite.



Image Credit: Tumblr, The Alternative Daily