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The 10 Stages of A Final Exam

Finals are the inevitable last hurdle in the race towards the end of the semester. As time barrels forward, sometimes it can feel like you are alone in this race. Have no fear! The end-of-the-semester slump is so universal, it can be summed up in these ten moments. To help you out, I wrote down the ten stages of a final exam, so here they are. Keep calm and study on!

Putting off studying.

It’s a week before exams, and it feels like you have all the time in the world! A little Netflix won’t hurt. Right?


Realizing that you need to start working.

Wait. You just wasted a week watching Netflix! How did it get this bad?!



You buckle and hunker down in the library. These papers, exams, and presentations are about to be DESTROYED. Study time!


Minutes before the exam…

You’ve been intensely studying these past few days; you are the Übermensch. But, you still feel a little nervous. You have two pencils out just incase one breaks.


Getting stumped.

Oh no. This moment is marked by sheer terror. Nothing is worse than feeling like you don’t know the answer immediately. Your core heats up as a single drop of sweat stains your exam.


Realizing that this exam is worth 30% or more of your final grade.

Well shoot. That last question was probably wrong and now you’re thinking you might just fail. Why didn’t you study earlier? This exam is so important!


Knowing you just aced a question.

Still you persevere! You can’t get beaten down. Inspired by the hefty weight of the exam, you chose to succeed. You absolutely know this next question too.


Putting on those finishing touches.

Two minutes before the exam is due, you double-check answers, make you your name is on the exam, and power through.

Turning in the exam.



The post-exam high.



Good luck with finals, everyone!

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