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Why you Should be Walking Everyday

I’m sure you’ve heard that walking is good for you, but do you actually know why? Walking can really help you stay fit, and it’s super easy!

Here are 10 health benefits that you could get from walking just two and a half hours a week according to Web MD:

1. Increased heart strength

2. Lowered blood pressure

3. Feel ease from stress

4. Sleep better at night 

5. Boosted mood

6. Weight control

7. Boosted immune system

8. Lowered risk of heart disease

9. Break stress-eating habits

10. Boosted memory

You could be reaping all of these benefits by simply walking to class instead of driving everywhere, collegiettes!

Walking targets your legs and glutes, helping to tone some of the main muscles in your body. Walking is a great cardio workout and really helps to strengthen your legs if done regularly.

Not only will it help improve your physical health, but walking is great for mental health, too. Walking can help boost your mood and reduce feelings of anxiety, stress and isolation. Next time you are feeling stressed, try taking a walk around campus to ease your mind.

Walking is one of the easiest ways to stay in shape, and it’s perfect for beginners. You get to decide how often you walk, where you walk and your pace. It’s the perfect workout for the busy college student. Ready to get moving, Flashes? Check out some places to walk in the Kent area:

1. To grab food with friends, to class, to work or the rec

2. Downtown Kent

3. Berlin Lake Trail, located in Portage County (30 minute drive)

4. Bike and Hike Trail, located in Hudson (20 minute drive) 

5. Ledges Trail, located in Peninsula (25 minute drive)

6. Gorge Trail, located near Cuyahoga Falls (22 minute drive)

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