What to watch now: Girlboss

Sophia Amorouso, founder of Nasty Gal, took the fashion world by storm with her vintage clothing and unconventional career path. Although Nasty Gal was just bought by Boohoo, Sophia’s legacy lives on through her book, #Girlboss, and now her Netflix series which is based off her life story and book. Coined as “a very loose retelling of true events,” the show is not only hilarious and witty, it is inspiring, empowering and oh so relatable.


Sophia is proof that one article of clothing can change your life.

I’m a true believer that your outfit can determine the outcome of your day, and in Sophia’s case it launches her career.

She never lets anyone tell her she can't do something.

In life, there will be so many people who try to tear you down. It is your job to prove to the non-believers that there is no way to stop you from achieving your dreams.

She proves, yet again, that you don’t need a man to achieve your dreams.

Sophia discovers that her boyfriend, Shane, is cheating on her just days before the official launch of Nasty Gal. Although she is crushed, she doesn’t let one stupid boy stop her from her success.

You should ALWAYS stand up for yourself and what you believe in.

Sophia has many haters in the Ebay vintage clothing industry, but that doesn’t stop her from empowering her customers and doing what she loves.

The importance of finding your “person”

Sophia and Annie’s friendship is one like no other. They are each others backbones from boys to business. It is so important to find your “Annie” who will be there for you during all of the ups and downs.

Sophia’s IDGAF attitude proves she will forever be the ultimate #girlboss