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Study Tips from Hermione Granger

There's no one better to guide us through this week of terror than one of the most brilliant minds to have ever gone through Hogwarts: Hermione Granger.

We’ve compiled the best study tips from this one-of-a-kind witch that are sure to help you ace your exams (no magic needed). Here's what to do:

Don’t panic!

Take a deep breath. Hermione always knew how to stay calm and collected before any major test (like the house sorting) and always got the results she wanted. Keep in mind that your final exam is only one part of your overall grade, so unless it is drastically higher or lower than your usual test score, it probably won’t change much.

Start early

One of the best pieces of advice is often the most ignored. Don't wait until the last minute to start studying. Hermione studied her textbooks before they were even assigned to her. Now that's what we call studying in advance! Remember, it's never too early to start looking over those notes.

Ask for help if you need it

For some reason, us muggles are afraid to ask for help when we don’t understand things. But Hermione, one of the most clever wizards ever, knows that in order to succeed, you’ve got to have some help. Do you really think she would've gotten through her third year without Professor McGonagall giving her the time turner? Definitely not. Just ask your professor or a classmate for assistance if you’re struggling.

Pick a good study group

You’re going to need some smart friends by your side in order to get through the study marathons. Just make sure you pick the right people. When it comes to brains, it's obvious that Hermione, Harry and Ron weren't evenly matched. Luckily, Hermione knew how to study on her own and still showed up prepared.

Study like you’re going to teach

Study and learn with the mindset that you will have to teach the information that's on the exam. Researchers have proven that this helps students succeed! Hermione was no stranger to helping her peers with their assignments, and it totally helped her out, too!

Prioritize your time

Sometimes you just have to say no to that party invitation and crack open the books. It's important to take a break every once in awhile, but make sure you are actually making time to study.

One final tip…

Remember that if you fail an exam, it's not the end of the world. You are not defined by your grades. In the end, even Hermione knew that smarts weren’t the most important things in life.

Best of luck on your finals, collegiettes! We know you'll be great.

I am currently a freshman at Kent State and I love it here! I just declared my major as journalism and I would love to become a book editor/publisher!
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