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Small Boobs are Underrated

In the past I always complained about not having a bigger cup size when it comes to my breasts. My bustier friends jokingly said they would gladly give me some of theirs if they could, but in the real world that’s not possible. Throughout the past couple of years, I’ve realized there are more perks to having smaller breasts than I thought. Here are some reasons to never wish for a bigger cup size again.

What bra?

Having smaller breasts means you can painlessly get away with not wearing a bra. I go at least four days a week without wearing a bra, and it’s fantastic!

You won’t attract a sexist.

It’s great to know the guy at the bar didn’t come up to you for your cleavage.

Working out has never been easier.

I can go on a run without having my breasts bounce all over the place. They don’t get in the way for sports or anything. It’s fantastic!

More pleasure in bed.

Sometimes smaller breasts are more sensitive than larger breasts. So, sex for the Itty Bitty Titty Committee can be pretty great

Your back will thank you in the future.

Less boob weight, equals less pain.

You’ll have perky breasts when you get older.

The likelihood of getting saggy breasts in the future is low.

Small boobs are SEXY.

They keep you looking young and fun!

You can sleep in whatever position you want.

Back, side or front… any position is comfy and painless!

Small boobs have some health benefits.

Smaller breasts have a lower risk of becoming cancerous. Also, it’s easier to detect lumps with smaller breasts.

Shelbie studies journalism at Kent State University, while also concentrating in fashion media and writing. She’s a true coffee addict and enthusiast. You can easily find her at a local coffee shop or the campus library. Her career goals include working within the publishing industry, becoming a travel writer and voicing the voiceless in her work. She’s excited to work with Her Campus and see what’s in store for the Kent State chapter.
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