The PINK bus made a stop at Kent State

Kent State girls all over campus rejoiced last Thursday, September 28 when the iconic PINK bus set up shop at University Oaks. 

This bus is part of a nation-wide tour put on by PINK. College women all over the nation get to experience the pop-up shop if their campus is lucky enough to be selected for a stop! 

Naturally, when we hear shopping is involved, Her Campus Kent State shows up! 

Pink Campus representative Taylor Pierce was busy enjoying all of the customers on Thursday, but she had time to chat with HC! 

"There are over 100 schools that are a part of the campus rep program, but we are really lucky that they came!" Pierce said, adorned in her very own campus rep T-shirt. Pierce is a senior public relations major at Kent State, and she has been working with PINK since her sophomore year! 

"I love seeing all the girls so excited," Pierce said. "I feel so grateful. People have been telling me that this is the highlight of their year! Plus, the Kent State gear is amazing!"

You can read Taylor's profile with Her Campus here. 

What especially had students excited were the incredible deals PINK was offering! The bus brought with it $25 bras and a discount of 20 percent off all Kent State gear.

Sophomore journalism major Emily Schultz decided to check out the bus. "I was surprised by the size of the inside of the bus," Schultz said.  "Which sounds stupid, but I wasn't expecting it to be as wide or as roomy as it was!" 

The bus offered students a collection of college-themed gear. from Kent State sports bras, to fuzzy fleeces, this bus really brought your typical PINK store right to campus.