The new and improved Women's Center

On Sept. 28, the Williamson Houses's grand opening was patronized by students, staff and faculty in an impressive display of community and awareness about the Women's Center and its mission. 

The Women’s Center and SRVSS (Sexual and Relationship Violence Support Services) previously served about 2,000 people each year through outreach programs, crisis management help and other services geared toward those in need. Now, according to some of the center’s staff members, that number is expected to rise. With a new building also comes new opportunities, both for the staff and the community.

The house boasts a lactation room, a food pantry, a student lounge, two conference rooms and offices on the second floor. The center is also inclusive of all genders, and welcomes men and gender nonconforming individuals to come and partake in anything it offers.

When the larger size of the building was mentioned, Heather Adams, the executive director of the center, laughed.

“Most women’s centers are just an office,” she replied.

With the new building and all it has to offer, director of academic diversity outreach and development, Daniel Diaz Nilsson, believes the hardest part of moving to a new location is getting the word out to the community about how much the center has to offer. He welcomes anyone who is interested to come and use the center as a safe space on campus.

Dr. Constance Longmire, a special assistant at the center and SRVSS, mentioned that the pantry, which offers feminine hygiene products, cookware and food, is always in need of food donations.

The Williamson House was given almost 900 pounds of food in a recent donation from university members, but as dozens of people use the pantry as a resource, the need for donations is constant.

If you are interested in any opportunities to get involved with the Women’s Center, please contact Jennifer Cline, the graduate assistant in the center, through email at [email protected].

You can also call the Women’s Center at (330)-672-9230 and SRVSS at (330)-672-8016 to learn more.

Written by Regan Schell, a contributing writer for Her Campus Kent State.