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My First College Apartment Tour

As a fashion major with an addiction to HomeGoods and a love for HGTV, one could say I’ve been ready to have my own apartment since I was a little girl. When I signed last year to move into 345 Flats near my school in Kent, OH, I was already dreaming of the decor I would buy, meals I would make, and get-togethers I would have. I probably created ten different apartment Pinterest boards and was anxiously awaiting my move in from the second I signed

One of the things I’ve found that is super important for me is that no matter where I’m living, my space must be super homey, cozy and inviting. I wanted to make sure that my apartment felt as inviting as possible, as I need a safe place being nine hours away from home. 

I’m so happy with the space my roomie (a.k.a. my big) and I have created. I wanted to share our home here in case any of you needed some inspiration to update your own space. I bought almost everything at Target, Home Goods, Hobby Lobby or Pier 1 (currently have a sale because they are closing a TON of stores!) because you don’t need anything expensive to make it look amazing. 

Though my unit in 345 is furnished, I added lots of extra things to make it more personal and match my aesthetic. I’ve shared tons of pictures and details below, so I hope you enjoy my little online tour!

Kitchen & Living Area

I would definitely describe my decorating style, and my personal style for that matter, to be very boho and feminine. I love neutral colors or pastels, flowers and succulents. As you can probably tell, my roommate and I both love pink, and went with tones of pink, white and navy, with accents of gold. I wanted to leave space in our living area for extra seating and holiday decor, so I just added some curtains, wall flowers, a trunk that doubles as storage and some table decor.


I wanted to go a little more colorful in my room because I wanted to feel as comfortable as possible in the space in which I would be sleeping. I got this warm velvet comforter from Target and lots of extra blankets (I go to school in Ohio and it’s FREEZING right now). Instead of a headboard, I used a tapestry as a low-cost option for behind my bed. I organized my desk space with a corkboard, whiteboard and some fun pencil holders, plus got lots of wall decor for my spare areas. 


Probably one of the best purchases for my apartment was this space saver storage in my bathroom. It was more expensive, but it gave me so much more storage space and really made the bathroom feel less sterile. My mom is the one who told me we would regret not having this, and once again she was right. Take this as a note to always listen to your mother even when you think she’s wrong (thanks mom)!


I’ve included some extra detailed photos of our wall and table decor because I probably had the most fun finding these things. The little details go such a long way, so even if you just want to update your space with a fun mug, a candle or a few succulents, it can make a big difference! Where I live has a little hallway before my room, and I made sure to decorate it and include pictures of all my loved ones.

That is it for my first apartment tour, I had all my inner interior designer dreams come true. I’ll admit that I’m already thinking about my first home one day, so until next time, happy decorating!


Katie is a Junior Fashion Merchandising major at Kent State with a minor in marketing. Katie is involved in multiple organizations on campus and has a special interest in social media and visual merchandising. She plans to graduate in December of 2021 and hopes to pursue a career in which she can utilize her creative writing skills and conscientious work ethic.
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