It's Time to Get With The Times

Before I sat down to write this article, I pretty much knew nothing about Kevin Love. I’ll admit I don’t follow sports much, and while I can respect the sport, am not super passionate about basketball. However, I am passionate about mental health, and so is Love.

Love has 11 seasons of professional basketball under his belt, two gold medals, and multiple championships. He also suffers from serious anxiety and depression, and when he had a panic attack before a big game he knew it was time to take action. He spoke publicly about this incident and was one of the first and few professional athletes to talk about his struggles. Love now works with other athletes and celebrities to raise awareness and understanding of mental illness.

Mental illness is a serious issue, whether it be anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or anything else that affects how a person lives and functions. At least one in five college students is affected by mental illness, which is why it is so important that we take the time to talk about these issues, and not cover them up and make things worse.

That’s where the New York Times: Get With The Times steps in. Get With the Times is a live conversation series for college students, and the upcoming segment of Get With The Times will be an interview and discussion with Kevin Love. It will focus on mental health, and Love will be interviewed by New York Times sports columnist Juliet Macur. Held at Tufts University, the event is hosted by HBC Foundation’s HEADFIRST program, which specifically works to provide support for students like us.

You have the opportunity to join this discussion on Thursday, November 29! Her Campus Kent State is hosting a watch party for the event at 6:30pm in the Michael Schwartz Center Lecture Hall Room 177. Kent State is only one of ten campuses that gets to host a watch party, which will have free food, free giveaways, plus lots of discussion and support!

Tell your friends, acquaintances, even your enemies to come to this event! We could all use a little more insight and awareness about mental health as college students, especially during the crazy finals week we have ahead.

Click here to register for Kent State’s watch party, you won’t want to miss it! If you want more information about Kevin Love, check out his essay in the Player’s Tribune, which detailed his experience with his panic attack.

Whether you are a fan of Love’s, passionate about mental health, or just want some free food, the event will be a blast and a terrific opportunity to be surrounded by supportive peers! This kind of event is an amazing opportunity, and appeals to everyone, sports lovers or clueless people like me.

No one should be ashamed of mental health issues, and the only way to increase mindfulness is to take time to discuss and share experiences. No one should feel alone, and events like these are critical in taking steps toward a happier college experience. No one should miss out on this amazing opportunity.