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How I Romanticize My Life In A Healthy Way

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One thing I love to do is document things in my daily life, even if it is just a simple, cozy day at my home. As a response, I always get so many positive comments from friends and family asking me how I do this, how I have this mindset and how they want to do more things to boost their own personal lives as well.

I feel like the phrase “romanticizing my life” is pretty cliche, but it has helped me with my overall mental health and to become significantly stronger. It has also helped me understand myself and my interests a lot more, making my outlook on life way different then it was in high school.

What does romanticizing your life mean?

Poosh gives a really good definition of romanticizing life in an article titled, Why You Should be Romanticizing Your Life by saying, “It is important to remember that romanticizing your life does not mean disregarding or ignoring negative aspects of your life. Instead, it means reframing them into something more inspiring and meaningful. Romanticizing your life will look different for each person because it depends on what brings you joy.”

It is important for me to only romanticize to a certain extent though, since it is completely natural for negative things to occur and I need to accept that.

One quote I really enjoyed in this article was said by Dr. Nina Vasan, the Chief Medical Officer at Real.

“Romanticizing your life is a way to explore mindfulness by being present in moments of your daily life. Through the act of romanticizing your life, you become more in touch with your actions, thoughts and emotions as you go about your day.”

Being mindful of myself and my thoughts has helped me significantly with my own mental health. Compared to my senior year of high school, it has significantly decreased my anxiety and has increased my self confidence and my overall self worth. Doing this has also helped increase my ambition and productivity.

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What do I do?

Now you are probably wondering what things I do to romanticize my life in a healthy way. Here are some of the things I do the most, based on the things that give me complete joy.

yOU deserve it mentally

This is always extremely important to me. I have been telling myself these things a lot during my freshman year of college:

1) “Your body is your own vessel, treat it with kindness.”

2) “Think better of Yourself.”

3) “tREAT YOURSELF with small things, you should not feel ashamed to do so.”

4) “Know your self worth. Do not accept anything that is less than.”

5) “Have fun, take breaks and believe in yourself.”

6) “Do not take everything so seriously and Do not be so hard on yourself.”

7) “Things take time.”

8) “Stop trying to control things and release certain expectations.”

9) “BE INSPired and creative.”

10) “Have dreams.”

I tell myself these things all the time, every day.

Your overall atmosphere

I love to have a certain atmosphere that is inspiring and cozy in my daily life. It makes me feel better and more productive. When I start the day, I love to open any curtains, blinds or windows in the area that I am doing stuff in, so I can have lots of natural light around me. To add even more, having cozy lamps with warm tones or salt lamps always makes me feel a lot better.

Lighting candles or having certain scents that I adore is also a great atmosphere adder for me. At my moms house, she has a beautiful built in fireplace in the living room, so that always adds to the fiery and warm vibes as well.

The people you surround yourself with is also extremely important. Being around people who make you feel comfortable, supported and taken care of is something beautiful in itself. At school, it was nerve-racking at first since I do not commute. But, everyone on my dorm floor checks on one another constantly, support one another and we have such good fun.

One other thing that helps my atmosphere is what I wear during the day. Wearing outfits that I am proud in, make me feel nice, well kept and happy just adds to my overall mood for the rest of my day, which I love.

Time FOR yourself

To me, it is extremely important to have time for myself. Even though it is daunting being alone with my own thoughts, it helps me understand myself more, where my headspace is at and what I can do to help myself.

I love to take small walks or just be out in nature. It immediately puts me at ease with my mind. I have also been taking more time to do self care. Since my body cares for me, I need to do the same. As a result, my hair is a lot healthier and longer, I have less acne, I have actually been painting my nails more, using lavender lotion (my favorite scent) and so much more. It makes me really happy.

My Shower and Bath Playlist <3

With this, I always play my favorite music in the shower, sing and just enjoy myself. Or I take a bubble bath when I am back at home and read a good book, light some candles, play some good tunes and dim the lights. Women AND men deserve to take some glorious baths. My mom loves to put eucalyptus in the shower to help with sinuses and respiratory health too, which is amazing. (You have to make sure you do not hang it directly in the water stream or in reach of animals though.)

Whenever I tidy up the space I live in, I love to play music and dance or learn something new/inspiring with a good podcast.

Things to do

Doing things that I love is the best way to romanticize my life in a healthy way. Finding events in my area is one of the things I enjoy doing! I like going on the Facebook events page, because I can find so many in the hole places that I have never even heard of before.

There are always so many beautiful and unique small businesses, music and art events that you could explore out in the world, even if it does not feel like it. Last week, there was a huge book sale in my hometown of Pittsburgh for books two dollars and under. I found so many amazing books and many people had asked me how I had even found out about it in the first place.

I also do a lot of things outside, since that makes me feel the most at ease. At school if it is warm, I will lay out a picnic blanket and just relax. I will also bring out a hobby I love to do like reading or sketching, some snacks and boom—a nice relaxing and romanticized picnic.

Lastly, when I am studying I will use the app Study Bunny. It is an adorable cartoon app that has a timer to hold you accountable with doing schoolwork. In the background I usually play music or a “study with me” video to keep me motivated. For the atmosphere, I will study at one of the local coffee shops in my area, with some friends in a dorm lounge, the library or at my cozy desk!


Whenever I romanticize my life, it is to try and grow myself as a person mentally, to understand myself and to just enjoy my life before time wastes away. I cherish the small things that I do and the things that make me happy.

That is what’s most important for myself as a whole. <3

Ella Katona

Kent State '26

Ella is a sophomore at Kent State University. She is a Journalism major and has minors in Environmental Studies and Creative Writing. Ella was born and raised in Pittsburgh and adores spending her time out in nature, reading, running and doing anything involving art.