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Her Conference 2017 Recap

This summer five of our Her Campus Kent State members attended Her Conference in New York City. The annual conference is an amazing networking opportunity for young women going into public relations, journalism, and fashion. The two-day event welcomes panelists from MTV News, Cosmopolitan, Shape Magazine, Twitter and so much more to give their insight on the industry and what high school and college students can do land their dream jobs.

This year’s conference took place at the Convene Conference Center in Manhattan. The venue housed a total of 700 people including sponsors, workers, and girl bosses from high schools and colleges all around the United States. Shake Shack provided a healthy lunch the first day. and Panera Bread took care of day two. Keynote speakers included actresses Aja Namoni King and Troian Bellisario, Women’s March National Co-Chairs Carmen Perez and Linda Sarsour, journalist and women’s empowerment advocate Gretchen Carlson, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of MuslimGirl.com Amani Al-Khatahtbeh and POPSUGAR Founder and President Lisa Sugar.


Being in a room with hundreds of girls with the same dreams and interests was the best part of the experience. Everyone was eager to get to know each other and talk about their roles in their own Her Campus chapters. Established panelists also contributed to the the supportive atmosphere. 

I learned so much about the media industry in two days, but here are some of the most important lessons I took away from Her Conference 2017.

1.     Video is the future: Our generation does not have the patience to sit and read long articles. We are visual learners and want to see the story, preferably in video format.

2.     Take time to learn about the next best thing: Whether it is a social media platform or a trend sweeping the nation, do your research on what people are talking about. This will keep your brand or company fresh and relevant to its audience.

3.     Ask for feedback: Every single panel and workshop I attended at Her Conference talked about the importance of feedback. Remember not to take criticism personally and remember your editor or boss simply wants the best work for their client or publication.

4.     Be the intern that makes life easier: Do not be the office Chatty Cathy. Instead, quietly complete your tasks and then ask what you could do to help a full-time employee.  


To learn more about Her Conference, click RIGHT HERE.

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