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Finding an Internship: Where do I Start?

A good internship can lead to the job of your dreams. Whether you’re a freshman or a junior, these tips will help make things a bit easier!

1. Search early: If you’re in need of a summer internship and haven’t started looking yet, clear your schedule and start right away! Many companies start looking for interns months in advance. May seems far away, but the time will pass faster than you realize.

2. Do your research: Are there any particular companies that have caught your interest? Take the time to learn a bit about those businesses and see if they have internship programs. If you’re unsure of where you might like to intern, a Google search of internships in your field of study will yield countless results.

3. Network: Use the connections you have made at school as well as help from family to find an internship. Your uncle’s friend may be able to pass along your resume to the right person.

4. Ask for advice: Your professors want to see you succeed! Ask them for advice on how to make yourself stand out. If you meet someone who interned for a company you love, ask them for advice too! Not only will you receive valuable information, but they may be able to put you in contact with their former bosses.

5. Polish your resume: When applying for an internship, you want your resume and cover letter to hold the attention of whoever is reading it. Take the time to update and edit your resume. You can read helpful information about this on the school website or make a visit to a career counselor on campus. 

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